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Dear Guitar Hero: Trey Azagthoth

He’s the founder of Morbid Angel and a death metal virtuoso who is consistently named one of the best guitarists in his genre. But what Guitar World readers really want to know is… How did you develop extreme speed in your playing? Were you always a fast player or did you have to consciously work up to it through practice techniques? —Art Martinez As with any physical skill, it takes time for... …

Inquirer: David Vincent

Morbid Angel bassist and vocalist David Vincent talks to Guitar World about his early days. What inspired you to start playing bass? When I was really young, my mother was a big fan of the Kingston Trio [a folk act of the Fifties and Sixties], and she used to listen to their records all the time. They did three-part harmony, with some guitar accompaniment. Because I had something of a deep... …