Motörhead Guitarist Phil Campbell Responds to Lemmy Death Rumors



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box of dope

get better lemmy, im the one orgasmatron...classic!



All the best,'s hopin' you feel better soon and keep rocking till the end of time! For any @ssholes trying to eek a few seconds of notariety time from Lem's physical condition, they can all GO F*CK THEMSELVES!!! I was able to take my 20 year old son to his first Motorhead show last year at Gigantor in Camden NJ, January think, Lemmy was feeling quite crappy for most of those dates and *still* gave 150% for his devoted fans! Not really surprising, but amazing nonetheless...I can't wait to see the Mighty Motorhead again, soon, whenever Lemmy is feeling good enough to make it on his own terms!




Lemmy is not dead. He always smells like that.



I have interviewed Lemmy and Co. three times, and in October, 1994, during our interview for the "Sacrifice" tour, I asked Lemmy if he planned on playing gigs and such twenty years later (which would be next year)... he replied quite honestly, "Why not? I certainly hope so! As long as the fans still want to see us." We do! However, maybe it is time to place a few more slower songs in the setlist, such as: "Listen to Your Heart", "Just 'Cos You've Got the Power", "I Ain't No Nice-Guy" and "Love Me, Forever" to give the Lem-meister a breather now and then. If some of the speed kills fans don't like it, then they can go see "Overkill" or another MH wannabe. Just because Lemmy wrote the book on Rock, doesn't mean that he has to succumb to it. Like the Hawkers said, "Take it easy!" Having said that, "Aftershock" is sure to kick major ass upon its release! Stay clean and stay tuned!



Feel better Lemmy- all the best to you!!!

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