Motorhead Officially Added to 2012 Mayhem Festival Line-Up



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Glad I've seen Motorhead a dozen times over the last 25 years. They where the first concert I went to as a kid in 1984. I love seeing them in a smaller venue like the Warfield in SF. The idea of paying $80 or more to see them at some outdoor douchebag fest crammed full of snotty poser kids is just not gonna happen for me. The Rockstar Fest is the kind of poser bullshit that my 15 year old niece would be going to. I know its a business move, but it sucks for REAL Motorhead fans who have been supporting them for the last 25+ years..going to shows, buying all the albums and t shirts. To lump a legendary band like Motorhead in with The Devil Wears Prada or Slipknot is just disgusting and a disgrace. Sorry Lemmy, count me out this time around.

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