NAMM 2012: Dunlop Eric Johnson Fuzz Face Video Demo



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I agree with mkeller. It hasn't been hyped much, and I was actually shocked that it wasn't. The unit is $200 at Sweetwater (I ordered one). Certainly, there are choices, Fulltone has 3 great fuzz pedals, some people love the Analogman SunFace. I've tried all of the aforementioned and love the Fulltone 70 the most. But that's the sound I like, others prefer germanium.

Depending on the amp and guitar you throw it in between, you can conjure up a whole slough of sounds. I do agree that the Dunlop guys didn't do it justice, but having to do video demos all day at Namm might suck. It didn't sound too hot in the video, but I went to see EJ play last night in San Diego, and he had one on his pedalboard and it sounded killer.

That said, I wouldn't judge the pedal based on a crappy vid demo at NAMM. Check out the sound clip by James Santiago.

EJ isn't going to put his name on a piece of crap. That's why I bought it.



Seriously? I think this pedal sounds most mediocre. I'm not trying to sound overly critical but I've met EJ and stood in front of his rig 3 feet from his pedal board and this pedal sounds nothing like his. Granted there are so many factors at play here--the different guitar, pickups and amp this guy from Dunlop is using but I just think this fuzz sounds very average. Just my personal opinion but there are a lot better fuzzes out there, both germanium and silicon. I wonder how much Dunlop will charge for this over-priced, over-hyped unit?



So you claim it sounds mediocre when compared to Eric Johnson's live rig, but then you complain how the setup isn't even remotely the same as Eric Johnson's in the demonstration video... are you dumb? Also, how is this unit over-priced when you don't even know what they will charge for it?? How is it over-hyped too? Only a handful of people knew about it before it was officially announced by Dunlop in late 2011. I surf the forums a lot, and let me tell you, this pedal certainly hasn't been the talk of the town nor is it over-hyped... For starters, I think Dunlop has been making phenomenal Fuzz Faces ever since they started with the JH-F1, and they just keep getting better. Dunlop has come a long way in the past few years and they are the only ones on the market building true, sonic replications of the original Fuzz Faces, inside and out, featuring high quality components, amazing tone, and tons of mojo. Jmartindale2006, you are just simply ignorant to the maximum degree...

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