NAMM 2012: Joe Bonamassa Jams with Seymour Duncan



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It has been my privileged to call Seymour my friend for almost 30 years, and he is such a kind humble man. I have had the honor to have played with him on several occasions, and just like Joe was doing I watched his hands the whole time he was playing. When you have the honor to play with someone like Seymour, you know you are playing with a Legend. Not only does he make the best Pickups, the man knew and jammed with the likes of Hendrix, Beck...well the list goes on and on.
Check out his pickups and everything else his company has to offer and you will not be disappointed. If you get a chance to just say hi to him you will know you have just meet a real genuine kind man.
And Joe what can you say! Great player, tone to the bone (he is using Seymour's pickups now) and another nice Guy. Only played with him once a long time ago in Dallas and he is a genuine man as well. Its just a shame the British seem to acknowledge his brilliant playing more than the U.S. sometimes.
So thank you to the both of you for keeping the music fresh and alive. But more importantly thanks for not letting it go to your heads.
I'll call ya later Seymour! Ya both be safe out there. Just wish I would have had the time at NAMM to come watch ya'll play!
Dizzy G Gillespie - Austin Texas

P.S. For you Strat Players, pick up Seymour's Pearly Gates Single Coil's for your Strats, why should Les Paul Players have all the Tone and fun!

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