NAMM 2012: Peavey Announces AT-200 Auto-Tune guitar



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Well that's your take on only one theme for the guitar..and why would auto tuning ruin the world?? it isn't the music dude?, it's only tuning and sound is sound now guy, CD's are digital also so whats the big deal, sounds like you need some help with the world outtake man..

Anything to make good music is great, it's helpful for students of instructor's, helpful to help that high school kid afford 12 guitars in one, etc..lot's of good things come from good ideas like this..

sounds like you want stone age living man..


David Duggan

It may not be art but it's entertainment. Auto Tuning has taken the natural and real sound out of music and replaced it with a glossed over body augmentation of the real thing. Where does it end. After a misplayed riff is it auto corrected by AI interpretation. How about computer generated compositions performed by computer generated musicians and played on computer generated instruments. Nothing real. Nothing alive. Nothing tangible. Hey, why even have living listeners. Let's do away with people all together and have a virtual audience. The music industry is heading for a backlash. A rebellion against this digital false God. Perfect music in an imperfect world is going to reach flash point and the walls will come tumbling down. That's my prediction and you can say you heard it here from me first. Unfiltered, un-Autotune and un-Songified.

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