NAMM 2014: Ibanez Guitars Introduces New Paul Gilbert Signature Model, the FRM250MF



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I have the FRM100 and it's a great stage guitar with a nice full neck, It can be a fat ass strat or do metal tones and lot of other sounds. I wouldn't change anything about it, except for the pickguard, it's got a cheap painted on surface that comes off when you play.

I'm sure I will pick the FRM250 soon.

Cool Beans



I think the guitar looks great. The problem to me is that there are three thing that are wrong with the guitar.

First, if the pickups alignment is to be reminiscent of a fender stratocaster, it should be LIKE a fender stratocaster. I saw a interview where Paul explained why the pickups position. I get it. But they've should tilted JUST the bridge pickup. The guitar looks bended...

Second, the lower "horn" should be restyled. It looks like it was made to be easy to recycle the old Iceman. Why? Make it properly! The idea is good...My point is: the curve radius is in a way that aligns with the pickup tilt and it enhances the BENT GUITAR VISUAL.It's not cool. And then the outside curve of the "horn" doesn't match the other curves in the´s almost a perfect 90 degrees curve. It looks bad...

Third, there's the head stock. It could be something less dull. Some update or restyle. For some reason the iceman didn't sell much...



I've notice he does not use a tremolo. He should of came up with a removable headstock to that changing string would be a lot easier. And interchangeable pick guard with a selection of pick ups. He lost me at the end of the solo. Like he dropped about 20 or fifty notes. He stopoped mid way.




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