NAMM 2014 Video: Dean Guitars Dimebag Roots ML Model



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Johhny d

Love the look of an ML but the DB exploitation is getting old.



Ok...Dime is one of my favorite guitarists. I think about the music he could have been making since the day he was taken from us.

But that guitar, while nice looking....I'm rather disappointed. First, the razor blade looks like it was just slapped on there as an after thought. Second gray? If we are talking about roots, as in where it all started, I would think it would have something to do with the lightnight bolt ML or the one that has the kiss stickers. I don't remember any guitar he played looking like that.

Of course, that all being said, I would LOVE to have one just for what that razor blade is. I certainly can't afford one, but I'm sure it at least plays like a dream. He had a way of playing that made it look like it was nothing for him to do. He put Dean back on the map, and I thank him for that to.

God I miss him. I might not be a huge fan of the look of this particular guitar, but I give major props to Dean for keeping his line of guitars alive for us to enjoy.

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