Need Some Inexpensive Percussion? Build a Cigar Box Guitar Stomp Box



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I'd love to hear some audio/see some video of this puppy in action too! It looks great!


@Batmaniak - We will record a little something and put it in our next article for you.

@Shane Speal - As always, thanks for your support.



Would it have killed someone to record the thing after building it?


Another great article by Brian Saner. Just a couple tips for playing a foot stomper:

1. If you're going for a bass drum sound, you'll need to plug your stomper into some sort of pre-amp. I use a BBE Sonic Stomp pedal (settings Low 100%, Process 0%). It's then fed into a classic MXR noise gate because piezos can be hissy. I've used this setup for big shows and had sound guys tell me my stomper sounded better than most pro bass drums.

2. Cut a rubber mat to size and glue/staple it to the bottom. These suckers move around a bit. Another option is to add guitar strap buttons to each side and tether the stomper around your stool (if you sit to play).

SEE YOU ALL AT THE PENNSYLVANIA CIGAR BOX GUITAR FESTIVAL THIS WEEKEND!!! I'll be on stage at 3pm, and yes, I'll be using my foot stomper.

Shane Speal

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