New Gear: Meet the Pykmax "High Performance Guitar Pick" — with Demo Video



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The creativity that's being poured into the music gear industry is astounding. I wish I was going on 32 rather than 62 so I would have enough time to play with all of it. :-)



Like any prosthetics its purpose is to guide you not you guide it and alot of guitarist dont like open palm technic. Besides dentures never felt comfortable. Its a pick holder not a pick. Anyway with something in size should hold a bit of technology inside it. Maybe a sharp jolt if you hit the wrong note. hold it for a long time without playing or if you lose it it will give a ring tone. Or tell what note you just played.


I use those really cool picks for some time, and have found them to be nothing short of amazing, in that my picking accuracy has increased considerably. With these picks, I also never worry anymore about dropping the pick or think about how hard I have grip it, so my concentration and attention can be more focused on my playing style and the creative side of things. I've also discovered a playing technique which would have been virtually impossible using a regular pick. I cannot say enough good things about the PYKMAX picks, which took me personally a minimum amount of time to get used to...



Uh two questions how can that kid afford what looks like a 2000 dollar axe? And what about pick slides lol



DOH! WTF uh I don't know about you folks but I never had any problem with guitar picks lol. Now I've seen the twistedpic and thought that was a cool way to prevent bending your wrist to attain an angle on the strings

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