New Guns N' Roses Song, "Going Down," Surfaces Online



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OK, but nothing special. Guitar lacks the unbelievable passion and spanish flavor of Slash, and there's only one lead singer: Axl.



I think most would agree that Axl Rose should ALWAYS be the lead singer.
Tommy Stinson is okay, but sounds like every other rock band. (Also the bass part is this song is nondescriptive.).

Axl's voice is unique and that's what I want to hear. Everyone remembers Axl Rose singing "Welcome to the Jungle" with its distinctive lead guitar and bass lines (some of the best ever in my opinion).


I really don't hear the early GN'R sound at all, to me at best it sounds like a song that might have made it on a GN'R side-project, like one of Gilby's, Izzy's or Duff's solo albums, but the song definitely doesn't have the feel or sound of the original band working together.



I like the song and the sound. Definitely sounds like early GnR.
The only thing I would change would be Axl's backing vocals. Sounds like they were an afterthought. Either give him a bit more to sing or take him off altogether. All in all though, good tune!



Cool tune. Sounds like early guns.

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