New Issue Preview: August 2010



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Calling Zakk Wylde a poser is a bit harsh. Seeing as he has done more with a guitar than you or I may ever do in our entire lives. Zakk Wylde is as much a Randy Rhoads as Randy Rhoads was as much a Tony Iommi. Gus G is a great guitar player he is not Zakk Wylde which was what Ozzy intended. Ozzy has been on the cover of guitar world on several occasions, why not, look at who he's played with (i.e. Iommi, Rhoads, Jake E. Lee, Zakk Wylde and many more great guitar players) if anyone has knowledge of a great guitar player it's Ozzy Osbourne. Zakk has no hard feelings and neither should we, Ozzy gave him his break he left then came back again Ozzy will remain one of the greatest lead singers of all time and a forefather to heavy metal. Zakk will remain as explosive and dominant as he has been in the past either with Ozzy,BLS, or whatever, it doesn't matter. Long live Ronnie James Dio! And Guitar World, put Mastodon on the front of this fucking magazine, it's long overdue!



heavyupdiamond is a Dumb ass what do you think zak is?hes a poser a randy rhoads wannabe u dumb ass punk!know what ur talkin about before u start shitinn all over youself zak wylde sucks every other note is a squeal, thats why he got the boot,all his stuff sounds the same! u must be 15yrs old,gota be, anyone that likes zak is a moron and has no taste in music or guitar players



Ozzy? who doesn't even play an instrument is on the cover of Guitar World, who's next Madonna, she can play guitar, how good... I don't know and don't really care to find out. I notice Mastodon on somekind of "Prog" throwdown, now tell me something GW editors... why hasn't Mastodon's Brent Hinds and Bill Keliher been on the cover. Mastodon have been arguably the best Metal Band to come out the last decade... Leviathan, Blood Mountain, and Cracke the Sky are great METAL albums, Remission was a little raw, but heavy as hell. You even put those Dragon Force chumps on a cover, please, if they're even still around in five years I'd be surprised and at current time I heard their pretty boy lead singer left.

Now, I alway's was more of a Jake E. Lee fan than Zakk, but I saw him on That Metal Show this morning and Zakk was a great guest. I don't know much about Gus G., other than he can sweep pick like a mother. I looked him up on YouTube, but he's joining Ozzy in the twilight of his career [I haven't bought a Ozzy album since No Rest For The Wicked] and he's gonna be like, in my opinion, Gary Cherone was with Van Halen. Anyone remember Joe Holmes?



this issue looks awesome, i can't wait to get it, Gus is a great guitarist and i have been waiting for him to get put on the cover of a guitar magazine for quite a while



I will cut out the portion on Ronnie James and the tabs to save and the cover and all the other Ozz/Gus related bullshit is getting thrown into the garbage. Guz g is a clone of all the EVH/Randy wannabes from the 80s. So hes a clone of a copy, and ozzy is nothing but a weak and feable puppet who let his witch wife Sharon boot the best metal guitar picker alive. These two scumbags on the cover make me sick. How bout we get some real talent on the cover, bout....ZAKK WYLDE!!!!!!!!! SDMF!



Sabbath - Neon Knights
Morbid Angel - Chapel of Ghouls
BFMV - Your Betrayal
Muse - Knights of Cydonia
Steve Miller Band - Rock'n Me



black sabbath-neon nights. others i can not read the tabs only the bands.



can anyone read the tabs

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