New Strings Roundup: Six New Designs Redefine String Science



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I'm definitely going to check out the Cleartone Monster 9's or 10's...



for my extended essay in high school i compared different guitar strings and i actually couldn't find a great difference between cobalt strings and the other ernie ball strings i tested (pure nickel, nickel wound and stainless steel) in terms of actual magnetic strength. However, i do prefer them just when looking at how they played, but not that they were revolutionary.



I had the exact opposite experience with the Cobalt strings. They were some of the most uncomfortable strings I have ever played. They did NOT bend well and had a much higher tension than my usual brand (Ernie Ball Pure Nickel) - and they were the same gauge. They felt like old, dirty strings straight out of the package. They also made my guitar sound bad. I gave them a week on my guitar. I tried to be fair, but after a week I really could not take it and I stripped them off the guitar with extreme prejudice.


drraoul 666

i was a daddario fan for 25 years until I tried some cobalts.They have what I can only describe as a "zing"


I use the DR neon yellow strings on my Kramer which is also neon yellow. Compliments the guitar really well. Sound really good on it and last longer than my normal strings. Well worth the cost.

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