New Study Shows How Guitar Players' Brains Are Different from Everybody Else's



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"And when mere mortals (non-musicians) attempt a solo, the conscious portion of their brain stays on, which indicates that real guitarists are able to switch to this more creative and less practical mode of thinking more easily."

Well yea, but it doesn't mean that the brains are necessarily different. It indicates that guitarists (or probably any musician improvising) has spent hours upon hours practicing to where they don't have to focus on the mechanics of playing and can focus on the music. Obviously non-musicians won't have this ability because they haven't developed it through practice!



Guitarist are always expanding with the help or specific develelopment it depends on the disipline of the guitarist. The mind has to retain the expanding part for a typical song which is easy with disipline but if you just practice to play notes on paper and to go full blown concert or write shred licks for your song then you just depending on familiarity of the song and if acceptable you can go off. But thats only in rare cases. Since its just about guitars here then you can make believe your anyone cause theres is tab. sheet music, you tube, music lessions, theory, wii, your phone, books, so if you like it here then theres no stopping you.



Shred King:
Yes and no. There's not really such a thing as "muscle memory," because memory requires neurons (a.k.a. brain cells - muscles are made of a different type of cell). So, memory is made by connections between neurons in the brain. In the case of guitar licks, the more you practice a lick, the more neurons are used in the areas controlling finger/hand movements, recall of notes and position, etc. Basically, it feels like muscle memory because your brain has way more neural connections devoted to those actions. Also, the more similar a new lick is to one you know well, the easier it is to learn because there's already a road-map built in your brain. In this study, I think there's a shut-down of the conscious side of things, because these guys are so practiced that they can play on autopilot rather than have to concentrate on the licks specifically. And that's a great thing - it's what contributes to that spiritual feeling when you play.



Studies show that guitarists tend to be high strung and fret more, and are more likely to stick their necks out.



The Shred King ...

Is this different than muscle memory?

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