Next Generation: The Top 10 Covers of Songs by The Who



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I like the version of "Substitute" by the Ramones from their album "Acid Eaters". And Joan Jett did a version of "Call Me Lightning" that I like too.


Rick Holly

I agree with rudorff. Styx version of "I Can See For Miles" is the best Who cover I ever heard and I am not normally a Styx fan either.



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Sorry but none of these are close to the best rock vocalist in music today - Kelly Jones and Stereophonics



I always liked the Scorpions cover of I Can't Explain. And the Foo Fighters cover of Bargain with Taylor singing lead was awesome.

Gerardo Yàñez

Hey! You're missing a version of "Won't get fooled Again" played by KISS during their 80's concerts. They really Rock it!

Niklas Dabolins

OK, Gretchen Wilson and Randy Bachman are also pretty good;



Just looked at the list of Who top ten covers and I direct you to a place I would have never looked. I've never been a big fan of Styx but they put out an album, mid last decade called Big Bang Theory. They do a cover of I Can See For Miles which I like. While you are at it, check out their live version of I Am The Walrus. I was impressed by the diversity of the entire set!



JOSH YOU NEED TO EXPLAIN YOURSELF.. WHY DID YOU LEAVE OFF BABA O" RILEY BY PEARL JAM? If you did not know about it, you should not be writing for GW. If you knew about it but left it off, why? How is it not a better cover of a who song than some of the others you have mentioned? You list Pearl Jam as having the best cover, surely you respect Pearl Jam, so what is it about Baba O' Riley cover that you feel does not warrant being on this list? Explain yourself if you have the cuts to respond to your critics.



WOW! WOW! How can you write this article, name Pearl Jam number one, and miss Pearl Jam's cover of Baba'O Riley? A song they have covered multiply times! How? How can you over look that cover? It is by far the best cover of a who song. Which I would think you would agree with Pearl Jam does a great job covering the Who. But you did not even list it in the top 10. I really can not understand GW. The only conclusion I can come up with is that your writes leave out stuff in order to catch people's attention. I think the thinking is that if they just write good articles it would not inspire people to write comments. That is all I can say, because this happens all the time. But really HOW CAN YOU MISS BABA O' RILEY BY PEARL JAM, THIS REQUIRES AN EXPLANATION IT REALLY DOES.


Steve Haynie

Heart did a much better version of Love Reign O'er Me.



I'm sure this was unintentional, but you forgot the Grateful Dead's cover of "Baba O'Reily" that they played as an encore a lot in the early 90's. This versions moves seamlessly into the Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows."

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