Nickelback Respond to Comment by Black Keys Drummer



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just listened to a bunch of black keys tunes and not impressed but hey that's cool, not a big Nickelback fan but respect what they do.....Wonder why the Black Keys shit on others, in 10 years you will still hear Nickelback tunes, I highly doubt it we will hear Black keys tunes..........

It's just Music dumbass......listen and enjoy, if you can't just go away.......

Tyler Lee Frush




Nickleback sucks! Metallica is the biggest band ever!


by any other name

reminds me of when everyone was saying that Metallica sold out and Lars Ulrich said something like, "yeah, we sell out ... we sell out every arena!"
Nickelback knows they suck, and any successful band (unfortunately) knows that there's money to be made by appealing to the lowest common denominator.
No bitchy, immature little rant from the drummer of the Black Keys is gonna change that.

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