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Dear Guitar Hero: Night Ranger's Brad Gillis and Joel Hoekstra

One took over for Randy Rhoads after the guitarist’s untimely death, and the other can be seen on Broadway in Rock of Ages. But what Guitar World readers really want to know is… Brad, you manipulate feedback in the solo of “Sister Christian” so fluidly. How were you able to do that? —Adam Parness My Mesa/Boogie was key to the creation of that solo. Those amps have always helped me get the... …

Inquirer: Brad Gillis

Guitar World catches up with Night Ranger's guitarist. What inspired you to pick up a guitar? In the Sixties, my brother used to buy a lot of records. He got me into music, and for my eighth birthday, I decided I wanted a guitar. My dad bought me a Kay guitar and amplifier, and my brother set me up with a pair of headphones and a little preamp so I could play along to his records. I used to sit... …