Nikki Sixx on Poison Fans: "They've Lost the Plot on Why Rock N Roll Exists"



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How come Nikki Sixx gets to be a douchebag on twitter at around 160 characters? When I want to make a fool of myself I only get 140 to accomplish it!



Not to mention that the Ramones rocked harder than Motley Crue ever did.


if you read nikki's post,it sounds like he's calling the crue fans "scared little mice".nikki needs to wake up to the fact that he is no longer relevant.all these stupid little posts he keeps
'tweeting"about is just showing what an asshole he truly is.why can't he just let people enjoy the music of both bands (i do)and stop trying to pit one fanbase against the other!



I thought rock n roll was supposed to be fun...



Yeah, Nikki better count his blessings. He still gets to play rock and roll and get paid. Most of us have to work at a job we hate and don't get paid shit. Hey Nikki wake up dude, bands come and go and people have a very short memory. With that attitude you will soon be playing county fairs. I'm telling ya don't fuck with your fans. And I'm speaking as a fan. Be nice or suffer the consequences.



Checkout him jumping into the crowd to stop someone from video'ing the group....proof of his being an ass.

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