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Articles about Nirvana

Hear Kurt Cobain's Isolated Vocal Track from "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

A video has been making the rounds today featuring Kurt Cobain's isolated vocal track from "Smells Like Teen Spirit," taken from Nirvana's seminal 1991 album, Nevermind. While it's not exactly new (It's been up since 2010), it's still a cool find, and you can listen in the video below. ... …

eBay Seller Offering Kurt Cobain's Smashed Guitar Neck for $35,000

An eBay seller, Record Mecca, is offering what he assures the universe is one-of-a-kind Kurt Cobain collectible: the smashed neck from Cobain’s blue, hand-painted “Heart Courtney” Fender Telecaster, which he demolished on January 16, 1993, at the Hollywood Rock Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil. ... …