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Articles about Nirvana

100 Greatest Guitar Solos: No. 26 "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (Kurt Cobain)

“I was trying to write the ultimate pop song,” explained the late Kurt Cobain. “It’s such a clichéd riff—it’s so close to Boston’s ‘More Than a Feeling’ riff or ‘Louie Louie.’ When I came up with the guitar part, Krist [Novoselic, bass] looked at me and said, ‘That’s so ridiculous.’ So I made the band play it for an hour and a half.” Next: 25) "Aqualung" …

Nirvana: Cast a Giant Shadow

     Kurt Cobain— rock visionary, Godfather of Grunge, voice of the disaff- ected—was also a powerful and influential guitarist. Alan di Perna discusses his impact on American music—and why a man who had everything came to the terrible conclusion that he had nothing. As the leader of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain set the tone for rock music in the Nineties, and beyond. He was the premier icon of grunge... …

Nirvana: Super Fuzz Big Muff

     The definitive guide to Kurt Cobain’s grungy assortment of pawn shop prizes, turbo- charged stomp boxes and blown woofers.Kurt Cobain never intended to become a guitar hero. Although he certainly loved to play guitar, he viewed his playing as the lesser part of a greater musical equation. The irony is that Cobain became one of the most widely emulated guitarists of the Nineties. Before... …