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Timothy B. Schmit Talks Eagles, Poco and Latest Album, 'Leap of Faith'

Timothy B. Schmit first experienced commercial success as a teenager, when his band the New Breed had a hit in 1965 with "Green Eyed Woman."

A few years later, he joined Poco, which led to his joining the Eagles in 1977. Schmit co-wrote and sang lead on the Eagles hit "I Can't Tell You Why" and remained with the Eagles through the group's hiatus in 1980.

Ozzy Osbourne and Zakk Wylde Announce 2017 Summer Tour

For the first time in more than a decade, Ozzy Osbourne and Zakk Wylde are together again.

Known as one of rock's most lethal singer-and-guitarist pairings, the two will hit the road for a series of Ozzy headlining shows in the U.S. this summer and fall, beginning July 14. You can check out all the dates below.

NEXI Introduces DLY-01 Digital Delay Pedal

NEXI Industries has introduced its new DLY-01 Delay pedal. From the company:

NEXI’s Delay delivers a pure, rich, and warm tone, all with a new click-and-play functionality that’s ideal for the active guitarist. This is it—the essential delay pedal players have been waiting for.

Steve Vai and Steuart Smith Perform "Hotel California" as Eagles Look On

The 39th Annual Kennedy Center Honors aired on CBS December 27, 2016, celebrating James Taylor, Al Pacino, Mavis Staples, Argentine pianist Martha Argerich and the Eagles.

Metallica Replace Metallica Tribute Band's Stolen Gear

Metallica recently came to the aid of a Metallica tribute band—Blistered Earth—after their gear was stolen.

The Washington-state-based band's trailer—which was full of guitars, amps, effects, drums and more—was ransacked earlier this month in Oregon, and many key items were stolen:

The 10 Most Iconic Guitar Amps

Like anything else, the concept of "what sounds good" is purely subjective—it's in the ears of the beholder.

Therefore, it's impossible to declare that one guitar amp sounds—or simply is—"better" than another. And there are other factors to consider.

Case in point: If your $3,667 vintage British amp weighs 85 lbs., and you're an easily flustered busy gigging musician with a little Subaru and an achy back, guess what: that cheap 20-pound amp in the basement is suddenly "better."

How to Create “Outside” Lines with Fourth Intervals

Back in the April 2017 issue, my column focused on fourths when creating rhythm parts and solos.

The use of a combination of notes that are fourths apart, known as “stacked fourths” or “quartal voicings,” is a common sound in jazz.

Latest Kemper Profiler Version Introduces New Delay Effects

The latest version of the Kemper Profiler, OS 5.1, introduced an array of advanced, comprehensive delay effects.

The Kemper approach to delay effects is quite different from what guitarists are accustomed to. There is no dedicated Reverse Delay, Tape Delay or Ducking Delay. Kemper decided that it simply makes no sense splitting crucial tone design features into separate delay types.


Watch Kirk Hammett Try to Break Ernie Ball's New Paradigm Guitar Strings

To help spread the word about its new Paradigm guitar strings, Ernie Ball recently asked a slew of top guitarists—from John Petrucci to Paul Gilbert to

Hear Chuck Berry's New Song, "Wonderful Woman," Featuring Gary Clark Jr.

"Wonderful Woman," a rocking new song by the late Chuck Berry, was posted to the guitar legend's official Vevo page last night. It's the second song to be issued from Berry's new album, Chuck, which is expected to be released this summer. You can hear the first song, "Big Boys," right here.