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Stryper’s Michael Sweet and Oz Fox Talk 30th Anniversary of ‘To Hell with the Devil’

It’s hard to believe it’s been 30 years since Christian rock giants Stryper released To Hell with the Devil. The monster album, which features the dual-guitar attack of Michael Sweet and Oz Fox, spawned several classic tunes, including “Calling on You,” “Free,” “Honestly” and, of course, the title track.

Andy McKee Premieres Acoustic Arrangement of "Purple Rain"

Acoustic master Andy McKee recently visited the Guitar World studio in New York City to perform his incredible solo-guitar arrangement of Prince's "Purple Rain"—and to discuss meeting and touring with Prince.

"About four years ago, my manager contacted me and told me Prince wanted to work together," McKee says. "He found me on YouTube and fell in love with my song 'Rylynn'."

McKee's unique Prince tale is pretty fascinating—and you can hear it all in the clip below.

Ace Frehley and Slash Talk New Covers Album, Tone and Guitars Galore

Southern California is in the grip of a hellish drought that has gone on for over four years now.

The City of Angels is burning. Wildfires rage uncontrollably as once-verdant lawns transform into Martian-like landscapes.

But all of this changes on a Saturday afternoon the moment Ace Frehley steps out of his car and heads toward the entrance of the West Hollywood photography studio for a Guitar World cover shoot.


The 10 Best Road Trip Songs of All Time

As we've learned from countless TV commercials, the automobile connotes freedom, status, sex appeal...and really cheesy music.

Screw all that. Only rock and roll will suffice on a real road trip. Toss in a desirable member of the opposite sex (snacks are nice, too) and you'll soon discover the meaning of life.

Grip the wheel. Crank the stereo. Look to your left. Then to your right. Then to your left again. And crush the pedal to the floor.

How to Inject Unusual, Jarring Chord Voicings into Metal Rhythm Guitar Parts

One of the essential qualities of a great metal riff is the presence of a signature element—unusual chord voicings, a twisted melodic line—that immediately grabs your attention.

In this column, I’d like to demonstrate a few ways to achieve this and dress up your riff ideas with murky, monstrous-sounding, aggressively attacked chord figures and patterns.

Top 10 Fender Stratocaster Facts You Probably Didn't Know

In this recently posted video, Mark from Guitar Nerds, a U.K.-based website for guitar fans (and nerds, we reckon), counts down the top 10 Fender Stratocaster facts that you probably didn't know.

For more Guitar Nerds videos, visit

You also might want to try out The Six Coolest Strat Solos of All Time. Enjoy!

Slash Helps Conan O'Brien Pick Out a Guitar

Recently, Conan O'Brien—who, many of you might not know, plays guitar and has a true appreciation for the instrument—went Craigslist shopping for a new guitar.

Of course, he asked his friend Slash to join him as he went from home to home in the greater L.A. area looking for a new (and/or used) instrument to add to his collection.

Review: Dunlop JP95 John Petrucci Signature Cry Baby Wah

Last time I counted, Cry Baby makes 12 signature wah pedals for some of the most celebrated guitarists like Buddy Guy, Slash, Joe Bonamassa and Zakk Wylde.

But now you can add John Petrucci to that esteemed list as the legendary prog-metal shredder and Dream Theater guitarist has introduced his very own signature wah.

Eric Clapton: "I've Never Heard Better Rock Guitar Playing"

"I remember hearing 'Hey Jude' by Wilson Pickett and calling either Ahmet Ertegun or Tom Dowd and saying, 'Who's that guitar player?'" says Eric Clapton in the top video below.

It turns out that guitar player was a 22-year-old guitarist named Duane Allman, aka "Skydog."

"I just filed it away," Clapton adds. "To this day, I've never heard better rock guitar playing on an R&B record. It's the best."

Duane Allman Lesson: Tribute to His Musical Genius and Signature Guitar Style

In this edition of In Deep, we will examine some of the key elements of Duane Allman’s signature style as a lead guitarist.

One of the best examples of the genius of Duane Allman can be found on the timeless, classic live album, At Fillmore East (1971), which captures the Allman Brothers Band live in concert at the peak of their powers.