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Guest Starrs: The Top 5 Guitar Solos on Ringo Starr Songs

Guest Starrs: The Top 5 Guitar Solos on Ringo Starr Songs

Today, July 7, is Ringo Starr's birthday.

So I figured I'd celebrate this most joyous of occasions by gathering up five songs that feature the best guitar work to be found on Ringo's solo albums.

After all, from 1970's Sentimental Journey through 2012's Ringo 2012, Ringo's albums have featured guest appearances by several uber-talented guitarists (and bassists, singers, keyboardists and drummers), including George Harrison, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Joe Walsh, Stephen Stills, John Lennon, Robert Randolph, Jeff Lynne, Paul McCartney, Peter Frampton and former blogger Laurence Juber.

So, as promised, here are five solo Ringo Starr songs with guitar work that really stands out.

05. PRIVATE PROPERTY from Stop and Smell the Roses (1981).
Guitarist: Laurence Juber.

This tune, which was written by Paul McCartney, is one of three songs McCartney and his crew (including his wife Linda, Wings guitarist Laurence Juber and pedal steel guitarist Lloyd Green) contributed to Ringo's Stop and Smell the Roses sessions.

Juber's brief but brilliant solo is near the end of the song. NOTE: The song itself doesn't start until 1:04 in the video below.


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