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Contest: Win a Free 'How to Play the Cream of Eric Clapton' DVD

Contest: Win a Free 'How to Play the Cream of Eric Clapton' DVD

Clapton was once called "God" in his native England. In fact, it wasn't uncommon to find "Clapton is God" slogans painted on walls, streets, trees and who knows what else.

For fans to have come up with this heavy nickname, Clapton's playing must've been pretty special. And it was -- because this happened in 1966, right around the time people had witnessed Clapton's gigs with John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers, Clapton's post-Yardbirds, pre-Cream band. Mayall made one album with Clapton, the classic Blues Breakers With Eric Clapton.

Now you can win a new DVD, Andy Aledort Presents How to Play the Cream of Eric Clapton by entering the contest at our Win a Clapton DVD Facebook page.

In the DVD, GW editor and instructor Andy Aledort takes you deep into Clapton's style during his Yardbirds, Bluesbreakers and Cream years, breaking down "The Cream of Eric Clapton."

Check out this sample from the DVD, below, where Aledort -- with his Clapton-esque 'burst Les Paul -- sheds light on Clapton's scales and lead lines in a track inspired by "Steppin' Out," a rocking blues instrumental from that 1966 Bluesbreakers album.

Here's that link to the contest again!

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