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Why the Pentatonic Scale Is Bad for You

Why the Pentatonic Scale Is Bad for You

"Sometimes in life, the things we love the most are the very same things that hurt us very deeply."

So says guitar instructor Sean Daniel, whose lessons we have shared here on for the better part of a year.

Is he talking about his beloved pet tiger? Nope. His beloved pet grizzly bear? Nope. He's referring to the tried-and-true pentatonic scale, the best friend of millions upon millions of guitarists for the past 50 years.

"[The pentatonic scale] can be one of the most limiting tools that a budding guitarist can fall into if not taken with the right perspective," Daniel says. "[I'm] sharing some of my thoughts on the positives [of] learning the major and minor scales first—then transitioning into pentatonics when the time is right."

Check out the video—and let us know if you agree with Daniel.

For more videos by Daniel, head in this general direction.

PHOTO: Martin Hesketh/Flickr Creative Commons

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