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Articles about Slayer

Watch Slayer Cover Led Zeppelin and ZZ Top

Slayer have been touring North America this summer, in support of their 2015 LP, Repentless. Here, you can watch a couple of neat soundcheck videos where the legendary thrashers take on classic rock standards by the likes of Led Zeppelin and ZZ Top. In one video, taken from the band's soundcheck prior to their July 20 performance in Raleigh, NC, the band has some fun with the ZZ Top classic, ... …

Watch Slayer 'Rain Blood' on 'The Tonight Show'

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is typically a fairly cozy show, a place where you can watch your favorite celebrities share amusing stories with the always amiable host. Last night though, metal lifers Slayer took an axe to that coziness, unleashing a ferocious performance of "Raining Blood" – the closing track of the band's 1986 masterpiece, Reign in Blood – on Fallon and his audience... …

How Metallica, Slayer and Pantera Sound with a Clean Guitar Tone

When it comes to playing metal, no effect is more vital to guitar tone than distortion.For anyone who doubts it, check out this video from YouTube poster Vaalvla, titled “Metal Songs Without Distortion.” In it, he plays selections from six classic metal tracks on his modified Squier Jazzmaster using, apparently, no effects whatsoever.The selections are, in order, Slayer’s “Angel of Death,”... …