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Blackberry Smoke Push Their Southern Sounds to the Edge of Classic Seventies Metal

Blackberry Smoke The Georgia Southern rock outfit’s fifth album reads as an unspoken tribute to those who came before, from musical heroes to family to classic vintage guitars.

Blackberry Smoke have never been shy about playing up the rock aspect of their Southern rock sound—but on the title track of their fifth album, Like An Arrow, the Atlanta, Georgia, quintet pushes their sound right to the edge of classic Seventies metal.

Five Iconic Rock Guitar Licks Every Player Should Know

Robert Baker is back with a new video in which he demonstrates five iconic rock guitar licks every player should know.

These licks come from various solos performed by a host of great guitarists, namely Randy Rhoads, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Angus Young and Zakk Wylde, so there’s plenty of good material here.

Robert also provides TAB for these licks, which you can pick up right here.

Techniques of Prog-Rockers Gentle Giant, Yes, Genesis and King Crimson

With the growing popularity of rock music in the mid-to-late Sixties, a great many young up-and-coming musicians were inspired—and encouraged—to push the limits of the musical form beyond anything that had come before.

Gretsch Guitars Announces New Cliff Gallup Signature Model

Gretsch has introduced its all-new G6128T-CLFG Cliff Gallup Signature Duo Jet and the expansion of the G6120 Duane Eddy Signature model with two new limited-edition finishes.

G6128T-CLFG Cliff Gallup Signature Duo Jet

Dimebag Darrell's "Trademark" Pick-Squealing Lesson

While Dimebag Darrell was touring Japan with Damageplan, he took time out during the band's Tokyo stop to shoot an impromtu lesson video.

The video, which focused on what he considered his trademark licks, was shot in honor of the 35th anniversary of Young Guitar, a Japanese guitar magazine.

You can watch the complete clip below. Although it's all good—especially if you're a huge Dimebag fan—the best and most useful content kicks off at 1:16, where the guitarist starts to explain "the old trademark Dimebag high-pitched squeals and stuff."

Dimebag Darrell Hosts Clinic and Q&A Session in 1993

Below, check out a video of a complete Dimebag Darrell clinic that took place June 3, 1993, in Arlington, Texas.

The Randall Amplifiers-sponsored clinic, which is basically a Q&A session (where Dime is practically begging the subdued crowd for questions—very hard to believe in retrospect), also features some fine shredding by Darrell.

The entire video is about an hour long. Note that the sound isn't great; it's a bit muffled, and you'll probably want to raise your volume considerably, as I just did.


What Amps Take Pedals Well?

If you have experience with several amps and pedals, you may have noticed that the interactions between amps and pedals is not always the same, particularly when you’re using overdrive, distortion or fuzz pedals. 

In some cases, the pedals may enhance what the amp is doing. In others, the pedal may make little difference in the sound and could even make your tone sound bad.

Kirk Hammett: “The Consequences of Losing My Phone Have Been Immense”

As many will remember, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett misplaced his cell phone while in Denmark in 2015. Lost with the phone were, Hammett reckons, some 250 to 300 riffs that he’d recorded with his phone, never to be heard again. The timing was particularly devastating, as Metallica were soon to begin work on what would become their latest album, Hardwired…to Self-Destruct, which was released on November 18.

Greg Lake Dead: Emerson, Lake and Palmer and King Crimson Musician Was 69

Greg Lake, a multi-instrumentalist who was a member of King Crimson and Emerson, Lake and Palmer, died yesterday, December 7, at age 69.

Lake, who was a singer, songwriter, musician and producer, had been battling cancer for quite some time.

His death was confirmed via his official Twitter account by Stewart Young, Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s longtime manager.

Sallie Ford Premieres New Song, "Failure"

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of "Failure" by Oregon-based rocker Sallie Ford. The track is from her new album, Soul Sick, which will be released February 10 via Vanguard Records.