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Members of Guardian and Whitecross Join for a Gospel Rock Revival

Whether you call it white metal or Christian rock, the names Whitecross (Star Song/EMI) and Guardian (Epic) are well-known among fans of those circles, having sold about a million records and many worldwide tours in their heyday.

While both bands reached their zenith in the Nineties, 2017 has brought about a revival of sorts, as core members of both groups have formed a new lineup that will record and tour on some of the classic songs from each band.

Fender Custom Shop Announces Bob Bain “Son of the Gun” Telecaster

The Fender Custom Shop has announced that its new limited-edition Bob Bain “Son of the Gun” Telecaster will be released April 4.

The guitar, which was created by Master Builder Paul Waller, pays tribute to Bain, a legendary session guitarist, and is based on his Number One guitar, a 1953 Telecaster.

Nancy Wilson Talks New Side Project—Roadcase Royale—and Rocking Against MS

Roadcase Royale—a new band fronted by Heart co-founder Nancy Wilson and former Prince collaborator Liv Warfield—has a background that’s rich in rock and R&B.

The band also includes Ryan Waters, Warfield’s lead guitarist and musical director, and Heart veterans Dan Rothchild (bass), Ben Smith (drums) and Chris Joyner (keyboards).

Zoom to Shred: The Easy Way to Master Alternate Picking

In this new video lesson from GuitarZoom, guitar instructor extraordinaire Steve Stine shares a few simple tips for developing your alternate picking.

If you’re new to alternate picking, Stine breaks it down into a simple concept that'll allow you to practice and get better—fast.

The Top Five Weirdest Ibanez Guitars—Featuring Guitars of Steve Vai

Guitar Nerds have covered the weird axes of Gibson and Fender in previous videos. So where to go next?

“We thought we’d cover something a bit more shreddy,” says Mark of Guitar Nerds. “So it’s time for the top five weirdest Ibanez guitars ever made.”

Among those that made the cut are models created for Reb Beach, Muse’s Matt Bellamy and—making two appearances on the list—Steve Vai, easily the most famous endorser of Ibanez guitars.

Floyd Rose Launches Rail Tail Tremolo for Strat-Style Guitars

Floyd Rose has announced its new Rail Tail tremolo, a full-contact, dive-only tremolo designed to retrofit your existing Strat-style six-point tremolo with no modifications to your guitar.

From the company: The Rail Tail is based on a clever design that merges the feel and reliability of a hardtail bridge with the flexibility of a tremolo system. 


Hear New Chuck Berry Song “Big Boys” Featuring Tom Morello

With the passing of rock and roll legend Chuck Berry, his label has released a single from Berry’s forthcoming album, Chuck.

The track, “Big Boys,” features Prophets of Rage guitarist Tom Morello and Nathaniel Rateliff of Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats. It’s a classic-sounding Chuck Berry rock and roll tune, and you can hear it below.

Dualtone says it will release Chuck on June 16. The record will feature the first new recordings in nearly four decades by the founding rock and roll legend, who passed away on March 18 at the age of 90.

Review: Eric Clapton Lets His Guitar—and the Blues—Do the Talking at the Garden

In 2015, Eric Clapton said he would not tour any more, even writing in the program for his 70th birthday tour, "I swear this is it, no more.”

Happily, he changed his mind and decided to play a limited number of shows this year in New York, Los Angeles and London. On Monday, March 20, he played the second of two nights at Madison Square Garden, where he will return for two shows in September.


No, Jimmy Page Was Not the First to Play Bowed Guitar

We've all seen the classic, grainy clips of Jimmy Page dragging a violin bow across the strings of his Telecaster or Les Paul to produce eerie, evil, previously unimaginable sounds. He did it frequently in the twilight years of the Yardbirds and whipped it out again (the bow, of course) in the early days of Led Zeppelin.

The Secrets of Jimi Hendrix's Guitar Setup: Interview with Roger Mayer

Nobody knows the ins and outs of Jimi Hendrix's guitar sound like Roger Mayer.

Mayer had already worked with Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck and produced a number of different fuzz boxes by the time he met Hendrix at a gig at the Bag Of Nails pub in London. The two hit it off and Mayer showed Hendrix his Octavia, a unit that added an octave overtone to the original note. Hendrix loved the sound and used it on the solo to "Purple Haze."