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Deep Purple Premiere Animated "The Surprising" Video

Deep Purple have taken a decidedly "surprising" route for their music video for "The Surprising," a single from their newest album Infinite. Partnering with illustrator Matt Rooke and director Peter Rogers, the band have released their first animated music video.

In tandem with the release of the music video, the band also announced two new Infinite-related projects, both of which will see the light of day in November.


Rob Scallon Plays "Metal in Very Inappropriate Places"

Rob Scallon, that uber-talented guitar-playing, video-making guy from the ever-fascinating world of YouTube, is back with a new video.

The new clip, "Metal in Very Inappropriate Places," is the sequel—if you will, and I know you will—to "Metal in Inappropriate Places," which has chalked up almost 5 million views since it was posted in early September 2014.

For your boundless viewing pleasure, we've provided both videos below.

Watch "Free Fallin'" and "American Girl" from Tom Petty's Final Performance

Last winter, after watching the excellent 2007 documentary Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Runnin' Down a Dream on Netflix, I decided it was finally time to see Tom Petty in concert; somehow, I'd managed to stupidly "avoid it" for decades.

Andy Summers on Gear, Being a Well-Rounded Artist

As one-third of The Police, Andy Summers was a huge part of one of the biggest bands of all time.

Summers’ success as a guitarist though, preceded his time with The Police, as the virtuoso player had already toured and/or recorded with the likes of The Soft Machine, Joan Armatrading, Neil Sedaka, David Essex, Kevin Ayers, Deep Purple’s Jon Lord and Eric Burdon & The Animals.

Using Country-Style “Chicken Pickin’” in Metal

One of my favorite sounds on the electric guitar is what’s known as “chicken pickin’,” which refers to a very distinct country-style picking approach that many of my favorite virtuoso country players have made great use of, such as Danny Gatton, Albert Lee, Chet Atkins and many others.

I’ve worked on different approaches to chicken pickin’ techniques for years, and I love to incorporate this distinct sound into metal-style solos.

Review: Mesa Triple Crown TC-50 Guitar Amp

Mesa Engineering is rightfully known for pioneering the modern high-gain amp as well as for their incredibly versatile Mark Series amps, which offer guitarists a staggering variety of tones and sound-shaping options.

However, I personally think Mesa’s more streamlined amps are worthy of similar acclaim, especially when it comes to their rock- and metal-voiced amps like the Dual and Triple Rectifier models as well as the under-appreciated Caliber Series.

Arch Enemy's Michael Amott and Jeff Loomis Talk New Album, 'Will to Power'

“Well, there’s a first time for everything, right?” says founding guitarist Michael Amott from his home near Gothenburg, Sweden, where he’s taking a few days to decompress before Arch Enemy meet up at their rehearsal space in Frankfurt, Germany.

There, they’ll practice their summer festival set, which includes “The World Is Yours,” the first single from their new album Will to Power.

Eight Questions with Death From Above's Jesse F. Keeler

Bassist Jesse F. Keeler—of Death From Above fame—recently sat down for the "eight questions" treatment. It went a little something like this.

What influenced you to pick up a guitar?
My dad is/was a guitar player and I was intimidated by playing guitar because he’s so good. Plus, he’s left-handed. So my instrument, when I was a kid, was the drums. And when I was about 11 or 12, I kinda said, “Fuck it. I wanna play anyway,” and I learned how to play upside-down on his SG.

Otherwise Return with New Album and Music Video

Otherwise are back with a crushing new album, Sleeping Lions, available everywhere now via Century Media Records.

The group also recently unveiled the music video for album track “Angry Heart,” and you can watch it below.

The new conceptual opus is a dynamic new visual look for the band, as they all acted in the video’s intriguing storyline.


Tom Petty's "American Girl": How to Play the High-Flying Outro Guitar Riffs

"American Girl," the second single off Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' 1977 self-titled debut album, has pretty much got it all. There's its urgent Bo Diddley beat, its undeniably catchy melody, its New Wave punch, a tasty hook or two—even a bizarre "American" tie-in (It was recorded July 4, 1976, which is some wild, wacky stuff).

Best of all, it sports lots and lots and lots of guitar, including an exciting, impressive-sounding yet somewhat easy-to-play guitar solo/outro by Mike Campbell.