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How to Seamlessly Play Arpeggios Over Three Octaves

In this lesson we are going to take simple three note arpeggios and learn how to play them seamlessly over three octaves. Not only will this lesson help expand your musical vocabulary, but it may also change how you understand, visualize, and navigate the fretboard.

The six strings of the guitar can be looked at as three pairs of strings. The first pair being the low E and A strings. The second pair being the “middle” D and G strings, and the third pair being the B and high E strings.

Joe Satriani Announces New Album, 'What Happens Next,' 2018 G3 Tour With John Petrucci, Phil Collen

Joe Satriani is back in the game.

The legendary guitarist has announced his 16th solo album, What Happens Next, and the 2018 iteration of his G3 Tour, which will feature Dream Theater's John Petrucci and Def Leppard's Phil Collen. 

Review: D'Addario Chromatic Pedal Tuner

The D’Addario Chromatic Pedal Tuner features a sleek, reduce-sized (1.75-inch x 4.75-inch), lightweight design to preserve valuable space on a player’s pedal board and a vertical-sweeping LED pitch display for a clearer, more intuitive read.

Its 32-bit chip has four times the processing power of a standard headstock tuner for a fast and accurate readout, and it makes the display visually smoother for precise tuning.

Rise Against Hope Their New Album, 'Wolves,' Is a Call to Action

Since forming in 1999, Chicago-based punk-hardcore kings Rise Against have always worn their liberal/leftist views proudly on their sleeves.

Anybody expecting the band to go quietly into the night in the wake of 2016’s bitterly divisive presidential election has another thing coming. If anything, the aptly named group is more energized than ever and is hell-bent on leading by example through its music.

George Harrison and Gary Moore Play "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" in 1992

George Harrison wasn't exactly a fan of being "on the road."

After the Beatles' final tour in 1966, he toured only twice as a solo artist. Twice! There was his '74 tour of the U.S. and his '91 tour of Japan. That's it.

Alastair Greene Unveils “Dream Train” Music Video

Alastair Greene has premiered the music video for his song, “Dream Train”, the title track from his upcoming LP that is set for an October 20 via Rip Cat Records.

Dream Train features an impressive array of special guests including Walter Trout, Debbie Davies, Mike Zito, Mike Finnigan and Dennis Gruenling.

With a musical journey that has been anything but traditional, Greene’s combination of blues, Southern rock and jam band sensibilities has been thrilling audiences for nearly two decades.

Sammy Hagar: Van Halen Reunion a "Dead Horse"

Earlier this year, Sammy Hagar—while mostly casting doubt over the potential of a Van Halen reunion—kept the door open for one, saying he would be open to it if it included original bassist Michael Anthony and, oddly enough, original and current frontman David Lee Roth.

Hagar proposed that him and Roth would trade off songs, while all the proceeds from the tour would be given to charity.

Al Joseph Says "Betcha Can't Play This" Blazing Lick

A couple weeks ago, we premiered a dazzling "Betcha Can't Play This" from up-and-coming progressive metal guitarist Al Joseph. Today, we present a second, even more impressive lick from the guitarist.

Joseph—who records for Jam Track Central and has two instrumental albums under his belt—takes you through the lick bit by bit in the video below.

Can you play what Joseph is playing? Watch the video and get back to us!

The White Buffalo Premieres "Robbery"

The White Buffalo is slated to release his new album, Darkest Darks, Darkest Lights, on October 6 via Unison Music Group/Thirty Tigers. Today, presents the exclusive premiere of one of the album's singles, the evocative "Robbery."

"'Robbery,' is like a short film about two maniacs robbing a liquor store and the chaos that ensues," said Jake Smith—the singer/songwriter behind The White Buffalo—of the song.

Review: Fulltone OCD V2 Overdrive Pedal

The Fulltone OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Drive), has been kicking around for more than a decade. Every so often its creator, Mike Fuller, introduces a newer version, and despite all the tweaking, many guitarists still consider the OCD one of the finest overdrive/distortion stompboxes.

And for good reason; it’s one of the few drive pedals that nails the sound and response of an overdriven tube amp convincingly. Fuller has once again tinkered with his classic circuit and released a V2 version, and it’s the best one to date.