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Michael Anthony Open to Van Halen Reunion, Speaks with Alex for First Time in 10 Years

Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony reveals that he recently spoke with his former bandmate drummer Alex Van Halen for the first time in 10 years. He also says he’s open to the possibility of a reunion of the original Van Halen lineup with guitarist Eddie Van Halen and singer David Lee Roth. 

Speaking in an October 21 interview with Eddie Trunk on his Trunk Nation radio show, Anthony said his former roadie from his Van Halen years recently reconnected him with Alex Van Halen. 

Configuring Triadic Chord Shapes within the 12-Bar Blues Form

As I mentioned last time, many students over the years have asked me for a systematic approach to learning how to visualize chord shapes all over the neck, as well as how to connect them when navigating through a specific chord progression.

Watch Metallica Cover the Clash and Jam with Neil Young

Saturday night, Metallica made their first full-band Bridge School Benefit appearance since 2007.

The heavy metal legends' Bridge School Benefit sets—which take place at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California—are usually filled with surprises, and this year was no different. At one point, they welcomed Neil Young onto the stage to jam on "Mr. Soul," a Young-penned single released by the Buffalo Springfield in mid-1967.

DR's New Veritas Electric Guitar Strings Now Shipping

DR Strings has started shipping its new Veritas electric guitar strings to the global MI market.

From the company: 

Veritas sets feature multiple new elements in guitar-string construction for outstanding performance, unparalleled tone and added bonus value for the modern guitarist.

DR Strings believes Veritas is a completely innovative category of strings, with players noting Veritas electrics with Accurate Core Technology (ACT) and Quantum-Nickel wrap wire last longer and have more power than ordinary nickel plated strings.


Seven Contemporary Jazz Guitarists Worth Checking Out

Frank Zappa famously proclaimed that “jazz isn’t dead, it just smells funny.”

And while that certainly may have been true in the fusion heyday of the 1970s and Eighties, there's a younger breed of jazz musicians making music that is forward-looking but far less odorous.

Here are some personal favorites—seven jazz guitarists you might want to check out.


Stephane Wrembel, "Bistro Fada," Origins

Five Small Things That Make a Big Difference in Your Guitar Playing

Imagine Zakk Wylde and Chuck Berry playing the same lick through the same rig. It would sound totally different because Zakk and Chuck manipulate guitar strings very differently.

It all comes down to touch, folks.

And touch just one of the concepts Samurai Guitarist Steve Onotera discusses in his recent video, "Five Small Things That Make a Big Difference in Your Guitar Playing."

Hear the Rolling Stones’ New Song, “Hate to See You Go”

The Rolling Stones have released a new track from their upcoming blues album, Blue & Lonesome—a cover of Little Walter’s “Hate to See You Go.”

TC Electronic Announces 13 New Affordable Studio-Quality Pedals

TC Electronic has launched a new series of studio-quality pedals priced at $49.99 each. The series covers all essential guitar effects, and all the pedals feature a tough metal chassis, top-mounted inputs and outputs, and true bypass.

From the company:

Made for Rock n Roll: The Rusty Fuzz, Grand Magus Distortion, Cinders Overdrive and Fangs Metal Distortion give you rich and versatile drive with enough vintage crunch and organic bite to last you a lifetime.

Prince’s Ashes Are Kept in a Custom Paisley Park Urn

Prince built Paisley Park to be his personal recording studio, but he loved it so much that he made it his home.

So it’s perhaps fitting that his ashes now rest within the facility, in an urn designed to look exactly like it. The urn is located in the main entrance to Paisley Park, where it can be seen by visitors. It features a replica of the building’s Grand Atrium, complete with a miniature replica of Prince’s purple Yamaha piano. His ashes are sealed within the urn’s front column, which is emblazoned with the purple “Love Symbol” that Prince briefly used as his name. 


Watch Orange Amps' Hilarious ‘The Origin of Headphones’ Documentary

Orange Amplification’s latest video, which can be found on the company's new ‘O’ Edition Headphones website, features a shocking revelation that has taken the amp world by storm. 

Newly discovered footage confirms what conspiracy theorists have been claiming for decades: Orange Amps is a front, a sham, born solely from the desire to create the ultimate pair of headphones. Yes, headphones.