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Joel Hoekstra Lesson: “Mirroring” Fretboard Shapes 12 Frets Higher with Taps

As most rock guitarists are well aware, fretboard tapping is a highly useful technique for playing fast, fluid phrases that quickly move across the fretboard.

Eddie Van Halen thrust the technique into the limelight with his tapping tour de force, “Eruption,” released in 1978 on Van Halen, and ever since then guitarists have been experimenting with various tapping approaches and devising new and different ways to apply them, often with breathtaking results.     

Guthrie Govan Lesson: Using String Skipping to Create Multi-Octave Tapped Arpeggios

This month I’d like to talk about the technique I use to perform the fast arpeggiated phrases on the song “A Wonderful Slippery Thing,” from my Erotic Cakes album.

For these licks, I employ fretboard tapping in conjunction with string skipping to achieve a very smooth and even sound throughout.

I know many guitarists prefer to use sweep picking when playing arpeggios, but to me, the sound of dragging the pick up and down across the strings is a little too abrasive and percussive.

Mark Holcomb Lesson: Angular Rhythms and Unusual Chord Voicings, and more on “Mile Zero”

This month, I’d like to continue our look at the Periphery song “Mile Zero,” recorded for 2012’s Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal.

Last time we looked at the tune’s 16-bar primary riff, and I’d now like to move on into the second half of the verse and pre-chorus riffs.     

Review: EarthQuaker Devices Acapulco Gold Pedal


The pedal market is overcrowded with an abundance of great overdrive, distortion, and fuzz stomp boxes that for the most part are variations on one theme or another.

The Earthquaker Devices Acapulco Gold comes from an entirely different place and is truly unlike any other distortion device out there. Earthquaker describes it as a power amp distortion effect that’s designed to sound like a fully cranked Sunn Model T, and to my ears it sounds a lot like fuzz Jim, but not as we know it.


Review: Henriksen Bud Guitar Amp

Electric guitarists have enjoyed the benefits of small amps that can effectively compete with much bigger amps for nearly a decade now.

However, acoustic-electric players or anyone who wants a compact amp with cleaner than clean tone and volume output that’s loud enough for playing gigs have been forgotten for the most part.

Review: PRS Guitars S2 Singlecut Standard Satin


PRS makes some of the most beautiful guitars in the world, featuring exquisitely figured woods and finishes with vibrant colors that glow like a Van Gogh masterpiece.

But for most working guitarists who play at dive bars instead of Carnegie Hall, these instruments are a bit “overdressed,” like wearing an Armani tuxedo and a diamond Rolex watch to a dinner at Shake Shack.

Review: Fender Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster


There are many reasons why Jimi Hendrix did not sound like other guitarists of his time, including players who also favored a similar Strat and Marshall setup.

The most obvious reason is simply that no one else played the same way that Jimi did, from his distinctive chord voicings to his unique phrasing and touch. But strictly from the perspective of his gear, there’s another important reason why Jimi’s Strat sounded like no other—he took a standard right-handed Strat, flipped it over, and re-strung it for left-handed playing.

Review: Dean Guitars Rusty Cooley 6 String Xenocide


Between recording with his band, Day of Reckoning, and being a sought-after clinician and teacher in extremely fast guitar techniques, Rusty Cooley may be one of the hardest-working super-shredders in the country.

His disciplined work ethic, talent and popularity haven’t gone unnoticed either, because Dean Guitars currently offers nine Rusty Cooley signature model guitars for aspiring fleet-fingered axe-men who wish to follow in his speedy footsteps.

Hear and See the New Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass Guitar in Action

Today we bring you a brand-new demo video of a brand-new guitar: the Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass.

The Cutlass, which was officially introduced at the 2016 Winter NAMM Show, features updated vintage spec electronics, a super-smooth modern tremolo system and lightweight alder body are welcome refinements to the Cutlass.

An oversized 4-over-2 headstock with straight string pull provide superior tuning stability and flawless craftsmanship throughout, making the Cutlass a perfect culmination of old world aesthetics and styling with modern design and playability.

Hear "Anyhow" from Tedeschi Trucks Band's New Album, 'Let Me Get By'

On January 29, Tedeschi Trucks Band—led by Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks—released Let Me Get By, their third album and their first for Fantasy Records.

You can hear the lead album track “Anyhow” right now at (and via the YouTube player below).