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The Top Five Tips for Surviving a Guitar Store

If you’ve spent any time in a guitar store—and haven’t we all?—you know it can be a miserable experience. 

In addition to coping with the guitar wankings of other customers, you invariably have to deal with grumpy retail staff who can be rude and dismissive and make your visit a nightmare.

In the latest Guitar Nerds video, Mark shares his top five tips for making the best of your retail experience. The tips range from practical ways you can prepare for your shopping trip to suggestions about how to deal with guitar store staff members. 

Applying Second Intervals to Arpeggiated Riff Ideas

Chords and riffs can be built in a great myriad of ways, and the musical feeling of a certain pattern or harmonic structure is oftentimes defined by the intervallic relationship between the notes in the chord or riff.

One of my favorite intervallic sounds is that of second intervals, or seconds, wherein two notes, sounded together, are only a half step or whole step apart.

Dead & Company's Bob Weir Talks New Solo Album, 'Blue Mountain'

Bob Weir is on quite a roll. The release of Blue Mountain, his first solo album in 10 years—and his first collection of entirely new material in three decades—is the culmination of 18 very active months for the founding member of the Grateful Dead.

Private Blues Lesson from ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons

About eight years ago, ZZ Top guitarist extraordinaire Billy F. Gibbons sat down with Gretsch Billy-Bo in hand to give us a lesson in playing the blues tunes that inspired him to play guitar.

We not only got the lesson, we got it on video! Below, we’ve provided the video, along with the relevant TAB figures for the parts that Billy plays. To help you follow along, we’ve provided the quote from Billy associated with each figure, as well as the time at which the figure appears in the video.

Five Great Guitar Jams You Need to Hear Now!

Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, blah, blah, blah …

We know those guys can play, but what about Speedy Haworth, who dazzled audiences in the Fifties with his appearances on ABC-TV’s Ozark Jubilee?

Or how about the underrated, mustachioed Canadian guitar hero Frank Marino of Mahogany Rush?

Never heard of them? Well, you’re in for a treat.

Guitar World handpicked a handful of amazing players you might have missed, and even found video evidence of their genius.

10 Essential Country Shred Guitar Songs

Below, Guitar World picks the 10 essential country shred guitar songs. Enjoy!

Joe Maphis, “Flying Fingers” Flying Fingers

New EVH Striped Wolfgang Special: Have a First Look and Listen

In his latest video, Phillip McKnight shows us the new and long-awaited EVH Striped Wolfgang Special. 

Made in Mexico, the EVH Striped Wolfgang Special features a couple of upgrades, including a custom hand-painted body, quarter-sawn neck with ebony fretboard, a zero-friction volume and a heavy-friction tone control, two Wolfgang pickups and an EVH Floyd Rose bridge with D-Tuna. 

Emmure Premiere New Song, "Torch"

Emmure have signed a record deal with Nuclear Blast/SharpTone Records and expect to release a new album in early 2017. In conjunction with this news, the band has released “Torch,” the first single from their forthcoming record. The song can be streamed below.

While the album details have not yet been revealed, this will be the first record with the band’s new lineup:


A Guide to "Symmetrical" Shredding

I remember someone telling me that George Lynch once said he heard B.B. King say something that instantly improved his guitar style.

It went something like this: “If you play a wrong note, play it again like you mean it and it’ll sound like the best note you played all night."

The dubious origins of this gem aside, I've always found this to be an almost religious concept to strive toward, where any note can work anywhere if it is done with purposeful conviction.

Watch "One Man Zepp" Nail Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones' Fretwork

A YouTube user known as Hiro/larzgallows on YouTube creates and posts "One Man Zepp" videos. Although it's difficult to be sure, we assume he's playing every instrument in the videos, all of which feature impressive, spot-on covers of classic Led Zeppelin songs.

We've included five of them below—"The Song Remains the Same," "Since I've Been Loving You," the abbreviated The Song Remains the Same version of "Black Dog," "Whole Lotta Love" and "Going to California," which features a guest vocalist.