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Lars Ulrich: “James Hetfield Was Livid Over Grammy Mic Failure”

Appearing on The Late Late Show last night, Lars Ulrich said James Hetfield “was livid” over the mic failure that marred Metallica’s performance with Lady Gaga at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 12.

Get Ready for a New Eric Clapton Documentary, 'A Life in 12 Bars'

There's a new Eric Clapton documentary in the works.

The film, Eric Clapton: A Life in 12 Bars, will be distributed by Showtime Documentary Films in North America and rolled out at film festivals later this year. In 2018, it will be shown in select theaters and on TV.

The director is Fini Zanuck, who made her directorial debut with 1991’s Rush, a drama that was scored by Clapton.

Are We All Tuning Our Guitars Wrong?

We’ve all suffered the frustrations of getting our guitars to play in tune along the length of the neck.

Sometimes it seems that even a guitar that is properly set up will sound out of tune depending on such factors as where you’re playing on the fretboard, how hard you hit the strings, whether you’re using a capo and so on.

The difficulties of achieving tuning perfection led Paul Davids to wonder “Are we all tuning our guitars wrong?”

Five Easier Alternatives to the F Chord

As every guitarist knows, F major can be a tricky chord to play. There’s the standard barre-chord variety, with the index finger barred across the first fret and the other fingers playing an E major shape. And there’s the form that has the F rooted on the D string—easier to play, but without the heft you get with the F rooted on the low E.

In this video, guitar instructor Darrell Braun presents five alternatives to F that are easier and offer more interesting voicings. Learn them all, and you’ll have a range of different voicings you can use to suit every situation.

Chickenfoot Premiere "Divine Termination" Music Video

As we reported last week, Chickenfoot—a supergroup featuring Joe Satriani, Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony and Chad Smith—are releasing Best + Live, a new best-of collection, on March 10.

The album happens to feature “Divine Termination,” their first new studio track in five years.

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea Slaps Bass on ‘Family Guy’

Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea made an appearance on Family Guy this past weekend. The episode, “Peter’s Def Jam,”

 aired February 12. Family Guy is now in its 15th season.

Seymour Duncan Announces New Pickup Architecture with Duality Line

Seymour Duncan has announced Duality, a new concept in pickup design that merges the best active and passive technologies to create a versatile and dynamically rich tone palette.

“Duality is a new active pickup architecture featuring the best attributes of passive and active technologies in one,” explains Seymour Duncan SVP of Products & CRO, Max Gutnik.

How to Play Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Pride and Joy” Sliding Chords

A guitar solo is the highlight of any Stevie Ray Vaughan song, and the solos he performed in his 1983 hit “Pride and Joy” are among his finest.

One of the best moments comes when he plays a series of sliding chords that move up the neck. In this video, Anthony Stauffer from Texas Blues Alley demonstrates the technique Stevie used, climbing the neck by moving from one pentatonic box to the next. Anthony performs the part in E, with the guitar tuned down a half step, allowing him to take advantage of open strings.

Building Eighth- and 16th-Note Rock Rhythms

The music we listen to (at least in the western part of the world) conditions us, as guitar players, to a default timing and rhythm. In most cases that timing is 4/4 or what we call “common time.” Common time often shows up as four quarter notes in a measure.

However, we don’t always have to play only quarter notes when we’re in 4/4 time. And while it might be an easy habit to form, it’s dreadfully boring.

Forgotten Guitar: Steve Vai's 1990 Appearance on MTV’s 'Headbangers Ball'

In May 1990, Steve Vai guested as host of MTV’s Headbangers Ball.

Filmed around the release of Vai’s second studio album, Passion and Warfare, and during his stint with Whitesnake, Vai couldn’t have been more "in demand."