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Crucial Audio Introduces Die Götterdämmerung Ring Modulator/Germanium Fuzz Pedal

Enter Die Götterdämerung, the Germanium Fuzz/Ring Modulator by Crucial Audio. From the company:

Two classic effects with a full arsenal of parameter controls are combined in one brilliant full-color chassis. Its compact size is sure to maximize pedal board real estate and is available for wholesale and retail distribution. 

Friedman Amps Launches ASC-12 500-Watt Powered Modeler/Profiler Monitor

Friedman Amplification has unveiled its new ASC-12 2-way 500-watt powered modeler/profiler monitor. From the company:

The Friedman ASM-12 took the industry by storm in 2016 and has quickly become the go-to active-stage monitor for players using modelers and profilers. The new ASC-12 offers the same features and sound as the ASM-12, but in a familiar combo-style cabinet.

Seven Common Mistakes Guitar Players Make

In the video below, guitar instructor Nate Savage of calls attention to seven common mistakes guitarists make.

"This lesson covers seven mistakes guitar players make—and how to correct them," Savage says. "These tips apply to guitarists of all skill levels, from complete beginners to experienced professionals.

10 Ways to Help Your Band Hate You

Here's a recent video from Texas Blues Alley, the gang that brought you How to Be a Jerk Guitarist in 10 Easy Steps.

This one, which features TXBA's Anthony Stauffer, is called "10 Ways to Help Your Band Hate You."

Stream Today's Interview with Mr. Big Right Here

BackStory Events and Guitar World invite you to join us for the live stream of our exclusive interview with Eric Martin, Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan, Pat Torpey and Matt Starr of Mr. Big!

We’ll discuss their upcoming album, DEFYING GRAVITY, and cover career highlights and raucous anecdotes from years of musical pursuits. The band will be interviewed by author and journalist Brad Tolinski.

The Deep Secret Behind Peter Green's “Magic” 1959 Les Paul Tone

“Do you remember when you got your magic Les Paul?”

So asked Andy Ellis of Peter Green in the November 2000 issue of Guitar Player. The guitar in question was none other than Green’s 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard, a legendary instrument that the Fleetwood Mac founder used to write and record many of the group’s seminal blues cuts, including “Black Magic Woman,” “Oh Well” and “The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Prong Crown).”

Green’s Les Paul was considered “magic” for its out-of-phase sound, a nasal tonality missing from the typical Les Paul repertoire.

Watch Les Paul Reveal Why He Never Liked the Gibson SG

In 1961, Gibson decided it was time to restyle the Les Paul model it had introduced in 1952. With Fender’s more modern-looking models eating into its sales, Gibson thought it might gain back some of its market share by giving the Les Paul a sleeker look.

That decision didn’t sit well with the guitar’s namesake. Les Paul never liked the resulting Gibson SG model, with its thin body and twin pointy horns. In the video below, the late guitarist and inventor explains exactly what about the guitar bothered him.

Nux Announces Cerberus Multi-Function Effect Pedal

Nux has announced its new Cerberus multi-function effect pedal. From the company:

You can use Cerberus as a standalone pedal or add your favorite gear into the chain using a four-cable method. Control everything the way you like; you could prepare your setup and control as a stomp box chain or save any combination as a preset and recall it with a single click.


Eddie Van Halen, David Gilmour and Les Paul Play "Blue Suede Shoes" with Stray Cats

On August 18, 1988, a horde of name-brand musicians got together to celebrate the life and music of guitar great Les Paul, who was 73 at the time.

The show that was filmed that night was eventually released on a now-sought-after VHS tape called Les Paul & Friends: He Changed the Music: LIVE at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York.

In short (in contrast to the tape's ridiculously not-short title), the cameras caught some magical guitar moments in Brooklyn that evening. You can relive one of them below.

Les Paul's Top 10 Guitar Moments

To say Les Paul was an innovator would be the greatest of understatements. Although we might take his inventions and ideas for granted in 2017, his influence on the development of music—and the way it is recorded—is immense.

He saw the technological limitations of his day not as an impediment, but as a source of motivation to think outside the box and find his own solution.