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Thanks for the great transcriptions and getting the files to us for download each month. This is important to me because my connection is so bad that I cannot stream the material from the website.

I would like to place another vote for Spooky by the Atlanta Rhythm Section tab.



Hi Jeff,
anything can be done about the Dale Turner's audio for both Nov and Oct. they don't play on the PC, just garbage, squeaks and pops. I am using Windows Media Player on new PC with Windows 7 which plays everything else fine in the downloads so not sure what the problem is.
thanks \


Why isn't Warren Haynes on the cover this month? He playes in 3 bands and Dream theater guy plays in 1 and puts out a record every 5 yrs. At least you could OF done was a two cover issue.Oh yeah, how about a Gov't Mule song for your lameness, I suggest "Mother Earth" from the 1st album. Music For Yer Ass!



I've only got 2 points of constructive crtisim with regards to this issue.

1). Really? We're back to 4 tabs an issue, again?
2). Correction: 3 Tabs an issue. Jimmy Buffet - Mararitaville was tabbed, Guitar One June 2002 (my proof will be that Adam Perlmutter tabs it).

I know back then they used to be two separate companies but when you bought G1 back in 2006/2007 you probably bought all their previous creative work (and tabs) and then folded the compnay. Even after all these years I still ask myself why?



Listen Mulder, the only reason we're "back to 4 tabs" in the Nov issue is because we were denied the rights to print the tab for the 5th song at the very last minute. Each song needs to be cleared by whoever holds the publishing rights, and we were expecting clearance on that 5th song...but at the eleventh hour, we were denied permission.

Printing a song without permission is a guaranteed lawsuit, so we had to pull the song and go with 4.

It's not ideal, but it happens.

And just because Margaritaville was tabbed in another magazine ELEVEN years ago doesn't mean we shouldn't do it again. Not everyone who reads GW has every back issue of G1. And yes we own all the G1 content, but our tab system is different...all of the songs we choose are given fresh new transcriptions by our transcribers (which is a different team than the G1 team).

Hope that helps you better understand things...and you'll have your five songs again in the Dec. issue.



Hi Jeff,
Thanks for the links as always. Actually I have all of G1, Guitar World and Guitar World for the Practicing Musician since their respective inceptions and the Discs when they were available. It is always nice to see something new. Thanks for Gimme Shelter, I will look forward to that.
Hey one song that has never been done by GW or anyone anywhere is Spooky by the Atlanta Rhythm Section which has 3 melodic geetar solos, the last two with an octave approach and a second harmony guitar which I would think would constitute some significant guitar playing from a technical and learning and listening perspective. Hence, should qualify as GW worthy. It is often covered poorly by Garage and bar bands, myself included. Any chance of getting that tabbed? I have never seen this anywhere. that would be a real new contribution to the guitar community as a whole.
Jim W, in Denver

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