Nuno Bettencourt: The Guitar World Interview



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Nuno is the shit!
He's 100% right about record company's fucking themselves!...ha..they all deserve it!
And the reason The Stones. and Fleetwood Mac, and all these bands tour and make money is because they have substance!...I laugh when those acts get tagged as nostalgia!...wrong..nostalgia acts play your local 500 seater..these bands sell out arena's!!..get it people? me, shit bands like Fall Out Boy, have to tour with 3 other bands just like them so that they can sell some tickets!!!..Led Zep could tour right now..with no opening act and sell out from here to armaggedon!
God bless Nuno for finally saying what I've been ranting on for years!


Spanish Fly

Hey why do you say you are from Boston, when you are portuguese?



I liked how he mentioned PAYOLA on the first question. The reason why you don't hear unsigned artists on the radio is because record co's pay the station to run their unknown bands' new songs.


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How did you go about writing something like that?


Spanish Fly

Hey man, I heard in your interview that you appreciate when people tell you stuff like, you changed my life or you are such an inspiration, I am going to tell you something, the song more than words, is like my song, mine and a friend's, and it is somehow a little rope that has kept us together even though he lives in South America, which is where I am from, I want to learn that song, and I tought the opportunity of learning it was in the magazine from june or july when you gave the lesson, why didn't you give us the whole thing, I mean, what is the point of watching the whole lesson, and invest in it, if I am gona have to buy a book, that gives me the whole information I need, and it's going to be more expensive, consult that with your pellow or whatever, if you love your musician career so much like you say you do


Danny Sotelo

I realy loved this interview. His statements about the current predicament the record companies have found them selves in and what they do with these new artists are so true. Also there are so many obscure bands out there with so much tallent that you will never hear. Nuno speaks with so much love for music that I am inspired by it. Thanks for the great Interview.



Thanks Nuno and Guitar World. Any kids out there who hasn't heard Nuno play do yourself a favor and check him out.



This was THE BEST INTERVIEW ... EVER! holy shit it was nice ... THANKS !



Nuno is one of the most complete musicians out there. GREAT guitarist, GREAT singer & GREAT song writer - he does it all!!! Thanks for this interview GW!

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