Oasis' Noel Gallagher said WHAT about video games?



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dood (not verified)

I agree.

But I'm a teacher and I've yet to see a single student move on to playing real guitar. If anything, the game provides the kids a FALSE sense of creating music--satisfying their need to accomplish something...without actually accomplishing anything.

Just my observation.


mscioscia (not verified)

Maybe so but is everyone who plays Call of Duty supposed to go out and join the military. I just don't understand why there is this idea out there that "Kids should just pick up a real guitar", that would be great but it has nothing to do with Guitar hero in my opinion. It's a video game, it's just supposed to be fun.



Leave Noel Gallagher alone... I mean it..... *sobs* LEAVE NOEL GALLAGHER ALONE...... RIGHT NOW..... *Sobs even more*



hes funny kinda sounds like hes high

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