Occupy Wall Street Album to Feature Tom Morello, Warren Haynes, Crosby & Nash



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This is a ridiculous and moronic discussion, since most of you clearly don't know anything about 'socialism' or even 'capitalism' for that matter. Other than zappa73 (but really: "protesting is lazy"?) every post is ludicrous, but then what might one expect, except stupidity of course, from guitar players?



I wonder how many of these artists would be completely unknown today if it weren't for big business.


Are they giving it away for free?



I agree that protesting is lazy, but Occupy Wall Street isn't an opposition to capitalism. It's opposed to the fraudulent practices on Wall Street which funnels money away from people that produce products in the US into foreign companies and concentrates the profits towards CEO's and investors.

It's an opposition to the Global Financial Crisis which continues to funnel money towards the super wealthy who do not contribute goods or services (if at all) which justify their financial gain, and got away with murder during the economic collapse unscathed. The US taxpayers bailed them out, they're back into profit, yet the US taxpayers have not recovered.

Money is a medium of exchange for goods and services.

I'm opposed to people that collect money without producing goods and services. I'm a capitalist who believes you should produce goods and services and be compensated relative to your production.

We're dealing with modern day monarchy's, just without the crowns.

People that collect money for doing nothing, whether on welfare, running Freddie/Fannie, CitiCorp or shady Hedge Funds that siphon money out of companies and workers -> all equally anti-American.

That said protests do nothing. You vote with your dollar. As long as people buy from Walmart and keep their money in Bank of America the problem will persist.


The problem is with Washington not Wall St. All these things the occupy movement are protesting that are legitimate is due to Crony Capitalism and the powers that be. But these protesters will never target a Democrat. Most of what they are protesting, are in favor of a Socialist type government. most of the people that were camping out just want government handouts. You can call it what you want, Socialism, Wealth Redistribution, Social Justice, it all means the same thing. The Left Wing wants those who have worked hard and amassed som wealth, to be forced to give to those who will only put their hands out for what they want.



I completely agree that the Democrats (Barney Frank? Nancy Pelosi? etc.) are as big a part of the problem as the Republicans - they are one and the same to me (see Obama Tax rate & foreign policy - identical to Bush & Republican Congress, despite his label). The fact that they get a free pass is disgusting.

But Arthur Anderson, Enron, Lehman Brothers are considered "Wall Street" and are as much a part of the problem as Washington (Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae - Government failure of Mortgage regulations/tax etc.).



Seeing yoko Ono attached to this project is enough for me to pass on this one. Plus I actually do like capitalism. A free market has done more to lift countries out of poverty than any other system.


I really can not believe this bulls**t. Are these people that nostalgic about the sixties, that they will back any protest. I agree with what has been posted so far. This is just an excuse to excuse laziness. This is a great country for one great reason, capitalism. We are not, and should never be a Socialist country. Some of these people you can understand. But, Warren Hayes?



Thanks for letting me know the POS artists supporting Occupy! I will NEVER give them my money again! Total bull shit!



GW, why are you covering this bullsh*t?! seriously, the longer i follow you guys, the more i lose respect for you....



What a bunch of liberal shit, I agree with steve it encourages laziness



+1 Steve.



I have lost respect for Warren Haynes doing this socialist crap. Tom Morello and the other wing nuts I can see. This movement is a joke that encourages laziness and discourages hard work and achievement.



I agree. Warren, WTF?

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