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@ Jeff Kitts, Brad Tolinski and yes...Bill Amstutz

I don't ascertain to be savvy in the realm of marketing and the ever-changing-face-of-publication, but it is noteworthy to compare and contemplate the following;

Guitar World October 2013 issue vs. YouTube (most) views as of Aug 29, 2013 9:49pm

Van Halen - On Fire (222,437 highest views)
The Beatles - I Feel Fine (2,447,170)
Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare (44,083,240)
The Allman Brothers Band - Soulshine (1,231,287)
Bob Dylan - Don't Think Twice It's All Right (1,572,584)

No less than six years ago, total YouTube views and(enviable then) these readily analytics were not-so-readily-available. At the voluminous risk of sounding presumptuous can you please tab Katy Perry's - ROAR. I understand that you can't be everything-to-everyone, but "I" think Guitar World's new direction may be onto something...(Orianthi, GW April 2013 as an example).

Though your response is not required/expected, I eagerly look forward to a reply.

David Bakker

Alberta, Canada




In the near future, would you please consider bringing Richard Llyod back as a featured columnist? I have all his 'Alchemical Guitarist' articles and found them to be quite rich/insightfull.

I don't mean to be assuming (and speak for everyone) but, hasn't enough time past to bring him back? His articles alone would be worth the cost of an annual subscription. Many thanks,

David Bakker
Stettler, Alberta



he stunk, he couldn't play and couldn't teach. please don't bring him back. what a waste......



Totally forgot about him, so ditto for me...I actually miss Martin's "last Licks" column.. They were great.



Overall, great direction with the magazine. Consistantly spreading out the styles of music is a nice change too see. Also, the fact that there's no re-post/re-tabbed songs is pleasing to see/play.



i would agree about the change in direction, tabbing some country and hopfully much less death metal and lame prog-shred, but there are three retabs as always in this mag.Mabye it because i;ve been reading since the 80's but its the same songs over and over i must have 25 smoke on the the water tab alone.

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