The Oil Slick: Honoring the Women of Garage Rock



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Please stop writing articles about garage rock.

Clearly, you have no idea what it is. After reading an interview about another artist I decided to put "garage" in the search box to see what would pop up. The only thing that did was your awful blog. So awful in fact, I felt the need to register just to write this comment (something I NEVER do). This article in particular really struck me. You had an opportunity to showcase REAL women in the garage rock scene and instead you profiled women who aren't even a part of the garage music genre. Where are The Trashwomen? The 5,6,7,8's? The Pebbles? The Headcoatees? The Pandoras? Christ, I could go on forever and that's just revival bands. There are tons of legitimate girl garage bands from the 60's! The Luv'd Ones, Daughters of Eve, Ace of Cups, The Continental Co-Ets, Goldie and The Gingerbreads, The Belles and more! In EVERY blog you post references The White Stripes in some way. THEY AREN'T GARAGE.

You suck. Stop phoning it in.

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