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The Oil Slick: Three Songs Dishing Out Tough Love

The Oil Slick: Three Songs Dishing Out Tough Love

Musicians are just like normal people, and, like us, they run into people in their lives who just annoy the hell out of them.

However, musicians don't need to resort to passive-aggressive Facebook posts to voice their frustrations.

Here are three of the harshest character critiques via song:

"Shoot Your Gun" -- The 22-20s

Sample Lyric:

Could you be a mother? Could you ever find a love that you would not place yourself above?

What happens when a moody rock band thinks you might be less than a caring, loving person? The 22-20s' excellent song “Shoot Your Gun," that's what. The band is in full-fledged attack mode on this song, as the singer breaks down the character with pointed rhetorical questions like the one above.


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