The Osbournes Set to Get Animated



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Basically anything with "Ozzy & ..." is just Sharon's imprint of whoring Ozzy out. I won't support ANYTHING that has that spoiled little should have been an abortion Kelly....


57 Stratman

Finally, they will be displayed just as they are; bobbleheads...


Arizona Darkblade

,,|,, A one finger salute for a one brain cell reply 57 Stratman. ,,|,,


Arizona Darkblade

Right on! I think it will be hilarious. Myself and many of his fans really enjoyed the Prince of Darkness as a claymation for Brisk, as Fawn in Gnomeo and Juliet, and as the Earth Troll on Fish Hook and have wanted to see just such a thing! Definitely think this is going to be a hoot and a keeper. Hope they publish details of how to buy the series to fans before the mass public. We love you Ozzy!!!!

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