Ozzy: Buy Black Rain, Get Into Ozzfest



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Not too many people do anything for free, let alone give anything away these days.

I applaud Oz for providing this opportunity for a lot of us who do not have the hundreds of dollars it takes to take our partners to a concert.

I have always been a fan, and will always be.

For those of you that hate Sharon because she is a good business manager for Oz, fuck off loser. Consider this, in a day where very few if any heavy metal acts get any airplay, publicity, Sharon has managed to keep Ozzy working.

After all, you could be paying $100+ to see that dwarf Dio pointing at the audience singing his two Sabbath hits, Neon, & Hwy...no forget it, you haters belong onstage with Iron Maiden disrespecting the hand that feeds you. I will throw the first egg with Sharon.



Fuck Sharon Osbourne and her money wanting wayz

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