Ozzy Osbourne: "Incredibly Overweight" Bill Ward Is Incapable of Playing with Black Sabbath



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Just saw Sabbath on Sunday and going again this Saturday. I thought they sounded great. Can't wait for round 2.


box of dope

ozzy just sing,(or mumble) you have no right to criticize.



Ozzy is the one that's incapable of playing with Black Sabbath. I went to see them a couple of weeks back and he could not sing a single line on key. Pathetic!



Didn't see them live but saw a video on YouTube. Ozzy was singing in a monotone and that tone wasn't in tune. But it's Ozzy, I don't think most of the audience really gives a damn what he sounds like, they're there to party. Nobody expects him to actually sing, like Ronnie James Dio or somebody. He never has done that, although he used to do what he does in key pretty much. All he has to do now is stand up there and be Ozzy.



Ozzy is f'ing pathetic, he sounds just like his %unting wife slamming Ward when it was all about money -or a lack of - not about Ward's ability to play or perform.



All this drama between Ward and the rest of Sabbath over the years makes me sad. I hope that his health improves and maybe we'll see him on the road in the future.

Now, to dig up my copy of the genius that is Ward One: Along the Way!

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