Ozzy Osbourne Interview



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Ozzy's WOW factor is right up there with Dio...and he's still living. Scream is a great album and his new gunslinger is a fantastic choice. God Bless Gus and his new role in the band of Heavy Metal bands (not black metal, not dark metal, not all the others that are trying to convince us all that metal has become something different but HEAVY METAL). Whenever Ozzy has a change it takes a while for the fans to warm up to the change but it's gonna happen because at his worst he's is still one of the best! Rock On...........



wow, ozzy off the drugs and everything, he just needs to quit, retire, scream pretty much sucked, go back to his sabbath days, or his early solo career, holy crap amazing, but i mean this is crap, now, i will give ozzy 1 more album to satisfy me, but i basically lost hope for ozzy, he is still my god though, for his early work, but he is losing his touch, especially since he got a freaking pirate metal guitarist to play for him

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