Ozzy Osbourne Takes Legal Action Against Tony Iommi



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It is true that Ozzy´s "Brand name" is a joke.

It is true that he was fired from the band.

But it is true that is not ethical that money made with Ozzy´s, Bill´s and Geezer´s faces printed on anything should go only to Tony´s pocket.

It is easy as SEPARATING the merchandising: some stuff will pertain only to Tony. But the "Meaty" stuff won´t.

Of course, this only opens Pandora´s Box: Now Dio, Tony Martin, Dave "the Beast" Spitz...ANYONE who ever played with "Black Sabbath" will want their piece of the pie.



Sharon sees $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$



I am sick to death of Ozzy trying to horde over the Black Sabbath name when he has contributed so little to it since he had his ass kicked to the curb by the band thirty years ago. Everyone knows that it was Tony's incredible guitar riffs that made Sabbath, not
Ozzy's voice. I really doubt that Ozzy wrote this statement above by himself, I think $haron held the crayon in his hand for him (he's severely dyslexic, remember?).



Ozzy has not released an original new album with Black Sabbath since 1978. Ozzy was kicked out of the band Black Sabbath. Iommi took the correct legal steps to financially secure the name "Black Sabbath". Dio with the Iommi released "Dehumanizer" in 1992 and "The Devil You Know" in 2009 which debuted at number 8 on the charts. By Ozzy doing World of Warcraft commercials, telephone commercials, a reality show and now a variety show, he has created a persona that is the equivalent of Donny Osmond in terms of coolness in the world of rock and roll. True Black Sabbath fans cringe at what Ozzy has become in terms of image.

If Iommi is smart, he should sue Ozzy for part of the royalties from his television shows and commercials, and even recordings, claiming that his financial success at these are directly related to his involvement in Black Sabbath, and that each Black Sabbath member should share in the wealth as a result of this, including Dio (wow, wouldn't that be awesome?)

Please Iommi, sue Ozzy for part of his royalties that are even remotely related to Black Sabbath. That would be justice.



That statement mentioned restoring integrity to a name, which is laughable coming from the Ozzy camp. After sueing or screwing pretty much everybody who's ever worked with him, and ruining his own name with dumbass tv shows, he thinks he should get half of the sabbath name? Why? How was he helping out sabbath from 1979-1995? Not at all. Fuck off Ozzy. ...Oh, and it's interesting that the statement mentions all 4 original members each owning a share. That's odd, since he's sueing for half the name for himself. What a total asshole. ...And for the record, Sabbath in the 80's and 90's (with the exception of Forbidden) was just as good as they were in the 70's.



Ozzy wrote this public note to Tony talking about "doing the right thing". Well 50% is hardly the right thing (nor do I thing Tony's 100% is particularly the right thing either). If I were Tony's lawyer and publicist rolled into one I'd suggest Tony say following to Ozzy:
"Ozzy, no you're not getting 50%. From now on you're getting 25% and from now on so am I, and so are Geezer and Bill. As for past royalties, screw you, you were either comatose or enjoying a healthy solo career propelled by Black Sabbath's success (and by the way Ozzy, let's agree you don't owe me any royalties on your solo stuff either, even though it was Sabbath that made you a big enough superstar for people to even care about your solo career). So that's the deal, even split as of today. Tony looks fair, Ozzy looks fair, we're taking care of Geezer and Bill... everyone's happy and our fans don't have to take sides. Done deal."

I think the real danger of this lawsuit is if Ozzy wins 50%, it will drive a huge wedge into the dynamic between Tony and Geezer in Heaven and Hell. Geezer's management might council him to sue Tony and Ozzy for a 1/3 split (and if Ozzy won, they'd be right about taking that to court). Then Bill will have to sue all three of them go for 25%. Only the lawyers will be happy.



Definitely one of my all time favorites. Black Sabbath did nothing worth listening to after Ozzy left. I don't even consider the tripe that came out after to be Black Sabbath. Iommi touring with a bunch of talentless tards playing to 15 people in a club somewhere is not Black Sabbath, that's more like Black Anvil. Ozzy, Geezer and Bill should all get royalties and monies from merchandising especially if their likeness is being used. If anyone is a greedy asshole it's Tony, and I love the guy but it's true. Oh ya, and sorry but Dio is not Black Sabbath either, that stupid heaven and hell sh#t sucks donkey balls, and everyone knows it.



it's unfortunate but I'm afraid Ozzy's right. Sounds like he's pushing for all four members to have equal ownership of their own (plus sabbath's) image. They all did the time, helped create the legend, and consequently should all equally prosper from the sales of music and merchandise.

As for the "music should be fun" comments I've read previously - once you play music in public (or studio) and accept money for doing it - well - nuff said.



regardless of what you think of Ozzy, he is right. No one of the four band members should own all the rights to their image.



"A statement from Ozzy Osbourne:"
I doubt that those are Ozzy's words.



He chose to leave to me that makes him exempt from ownership of the band. He is just a greedy person. I doubt that this was even Ozzy's idea it probably that witch Sharon.



All you guys have sound comments and I agree with alot of it but, you are missing the point.. Could you picture a Led Zeppelin without Robert Plant? or a Rolling Stones without Mick Jagger? Ozzy is Black Sabbath is Ozzy and that is the way it is.. To me neither side did as good musically as they did when they were together. But, that doesn't mean that I don't love the Randy and Zakk shit, or the Dio shit with Sab it just means that the original is still the best..Those four guys that started it all deserve it all, not just one of them...



Of course Ozzy's wife is behind it. Do you actually think Ozzy is capable of writing an intelligent statement? Everyone who knows Ozzy, knows that the majority of his brain cells are dead. This lawsuit is just as much a lost cause as the one that involves Sach suing Coldplay and Barbie suing Bratz. All they care about is money and staying more popular than anyone else. If you want the lead, improve yourself and do better instead of trying to make everyone else's life miserable.

I like the Ozzy stuff more than the Ozzy era Sabbath and I also prefer the Dio years over the Ozzy years.



Geez. Could have swarn i was reading a marketing book when i read the comments from Ozzy. Im sick of musicians forgetting that music is for pleasure and has been around long before money was even involved.

Big deal if Black Sabbath were playing small clubs! At least they were playing!! Im sure Ozzy would only do shows if loads of money was involved and that makes him a massive sellout! Tony started the band, he held it together when the members were fucked up on alcohol and drugs (except Geezer!!) so why shouldnt he be able to do what he wants with it? he just wants to play music, Ozzy however wants to capatalise on the name for maximum revenue.

If people dont like the stuff with Dio or Ian Gillian (Which i personally dont!) dont listen to it! The older stuff with Ozzy is still there to listen to. Black Sabbath isnt Coke or McDonalds so stop treating it like a brand and start treating it like art again!!! Do you bag out a painting by a famous painter because they did a shit portrait at some point NO!! You just dont look at the shit portrait!

OZZY You suck! you sing like shit now and reading these comments makes me think you are so fucking braindead that you now function from within your wifes handbag!!!Go back to your reality TV show!



Black Sabbath has been my number 1 influence being a guitarist and musician.. It saddens me to no end that this type of thing can't be resolved. Tony Iommi in my opinion is THE creator of heavy groove riffs and is my hero but I have to agree with Ozzy that the stuff that Tony was putting out in the eighties minus the stuff with Dio was total shit and almost ruined the name of the mighty Sabbath.I played in a Sabbath tribute band and all of our songs were Ozzy era songs minus two from Dio. The old line-up were the originators and those four guys deserve the rights equally in my opinion.. Hell, you guys only created Heavy Metal!!!



Tony has not made a caricature of himself on "reality" TV or goofy commercials. And with Heaven and Hell now, Tony and company have shown they still have the goods to keep on rocking. Oz needs to retire and Sharon certainly needs to go away.



Ozzy sucks.. man this idiot was an idol of mine growing up and now I can't stand even looking at him. Mama I'm coming home my ass. It my understanding that Ozzy was fired from Sabbath. Iommi has always held the Black Sabbath banner and now Dip Shit wants to steal it from him. Go change your diaper Jackass.



I had no idea this was happening! What is the deal? why can't they agree on something!



money, money, money! thats whats it's all about. Period

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