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Drummer Bill Ward Says He May Sit Out Black Sabbath Reunion

In a surprising turn of events, drummer Bill Ward has issued a statement on his official website stating that he may choose to sit out this year's Black Sabbath reunion -- both the new album and subsequent live dates -- unless he is presented with a fair contract. ... …

Zakk Wylde Talks About His Upcoming Rock and Roll Roast

As many of you know, Zakk Wylde is the victim ... er, guest of honor at Guitar World's very first Rock and Roll Roast tonight (Thursday) in Anaheim, California. Zakk will endure tongue-lashing from Ozzy Osbourne, Jim Florentine, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Brian Posehn, Corey Taylor, Chris Jericho, Jim Breuer and more, all at the hands of roastmaster Sharon Osbourne. ... …