Ozzy Osbourne's 'Scream' CD: Artwork Revealed



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if the album cover is good like the last one (Black Rain) the album itself will be complete balls, even more so since he no longer has Zakk Wylde to make it sound like BLS.internet bredband



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Almost seemed like it was Black Label Society w/Ozzy singing. I think changing it up will be fresh and give the older stuff a nice new sound to it
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I think it's cool Gus G. is the new guitarist for Ozzy. Zakk Wylde is awesome but the music was getting to sterile I feel with Zakk in the band. Almost seemed like it was Black Label Society w/Ozzy singing. I think changing it up will be fresh and give the older stuff a nice new sound to it.



Let's be honest Ozzy has had great guitarists, what were they before they joined Ozzy? Would anyone know Randy Rhoads or his genius? Would the internet and guitar players love to hate Zakk Wylde? Ozzy is what he is and changing bass players, guitar players, drummers is not going to matter.



Yes, Zakk is good. But maybe now we won't have to hear that squeal after every verse.



Come On OZ!!!! No more Zakk? Ooh La la. Gus G. We want Zakk. "Scream" is going to be a discrace. And its a shame its going to end up in the same catalog as Blizzaed, Diary, Bark, No More Tears, and Black Rain. Its also a shame that Ozzys carreer is going to die after this next record. But Oh well, he did that to himself. I really hope this trash doesnt sell, but Fresh faced metal fans will buy it blindly. Tisk tisk tisk.


-Joe Diamond-

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