Ozzy Osbourne to Release New Album June 15



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Now The Sword return to the studio in their hometown of Austin, TX, where they are crafting their highly anticipated follow-up to what Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich declared “one of the best albums of the decade” to Rolling Stone magazine.
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Since their inception in 2003, the Sword have ascended to the top of the modern metal landscape as one of the most acclaimed and fastest rising bands in the genre.
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Change is a good thing, and it's about time Ozzy got a new guitarist. Don't get me wrong, Zakk rips it up, but EVERYTHING was beginning to sound the same. I look forward to hearing Gus G. shred.



Being a fan of heavy metal, I love to see the legends active, but come on! No Zakk Wylde? No more legendary riffs. Sure Gus G can write, but just knowing that Zakk was playing on Black Rain made it THAT much better. Subtract a big piece of the puzzle, subtract record sales.


Damn straight. theres NO WAY I want another Ozzy record. I thought Oz was smarter than that....Granted, we still got BLS, but Im not sure I wanna hear anything from Ozzy w/o Zakk. Call me a die hard if ya want, thats exactly what i am lol....



cool I love ozzy's music

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