Paradise Lost's Greg Mackintosh: Epic Kings & Idols Tour Diary No. 2



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Hi Greg I hope you get to read this. I was at the Pittsburgh show and I cant begin to tell you just how happy i was to see you guys again. You guys by far are my favorite band EVER!! I even yelled to nick from the crowd. I was disapointed that you guys didnt come out on the floor like in the past as i enjoy getting to chat with you and the others. The last time you were in pittsburgh was 2003 for the symbol of life tour which i went to two different shows one in pittsburgh one in cleveland. i seen you guys in cleveland in 2008 which is about 200 miles away for me. I just want you to know that you do have a following in the U.S and are by far one of the most talented bands ever. I would love to see a headliner show in europe one day and already started to save to make the trip. Please just keep doing what you do best putting out triple A records with awesome b-sides.



Greg, you disappoint me. I was at the Pittsburgh show to see your band specifically. From the moment your band stepped out on stage, the members of Paradise Lost exhibited a snarky attitude. Yes, the show was poorly attended. Maybe 200-250? Sorry, we are not like the large European venues that you play. The mediocre headliner bands were not a draw to the metal fans living in the city of Pittsburgh. Katatonia is a band that can be found on the 50 cent rack at our local record stores. Several of my friends wanted to see you play, but felt that the headliner bands were not worth the cost of the ticket price. I spent $20 of my hard earned cash to come see your band play for 6-7 songs for 35 minutes. I bought a t-shirt and hoped that you personally were just having a bad night. It's sad, since you haven't played in our city for nearly a decade, which I was at that show too. I felt that the crowd received you quite well, you were just let down by the size of the audience for the moment started playing. Understand that there are fans, like me, that have been listening to you for a decade. Don't exhibit a piss poor attitude because our city isn't living up to your standards. Play like you care, and leave the snarky attitude at home.

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