Paul Gilbert Discusses the Art of Shred Guitar



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I think its great he mentions Akira Takasaki, he does not get the attention he deserves. I'm by no means a shredder but more than any other influence in the early 80s Akira is who made me want to play the guitar.


Paul still makes me sick - but in a good way! Way back in the mid-to-late 80's, I used to go to clubs & see Racer X, which Paul was the obvious leader of - I must have seen that band at least a dozen times! Oh Paul - bring back the Gilbert Gun (a cordless Makita drill) - my Norelco razor isn't quite as ballsy, but it shaves off humbucking pickup growth okay! Now that his hair is short, Paul shouldn't get the 3-pick drill bit wrapped around & in his now-gone locks!



I've seen you in Performing Arts and Theater in Fontana, CA, The De Anza Theater in Riverside CA, where you shook my hand and gave me the The Vulcan salute 'Live Long and Prosper' The Troubadour, West Hollywood, and G3 in Arizona which I met you with John Petrucci at the Dodge Theater with my nephew. I am glad to hear you talkin about Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush Live(MRL). I've really enjoyed your exploration into the Guitar and continue tooooooooo 'Listen. Thanks alot for all your patients Guitar Shred and Guru the six strings with seven notes and in between notes universe. My first guitar teacher was Paul Benze of Rialto CA cira '77 at Ridgeway Music.



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so humble probably the greatest lesson

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