Paul Reed Smith SE Custom and SE Singlecut Electric Guitars



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We all know that effects, mics, and certainly amps make a huge difference in sound. I would like to suggest that on every single guitar demo you say what amp or effects you are playing and through. Maybe if Paul cut down the talking (as it seems it's 1/2 way through every demo before he actually plays the guitar), he could demo the guitar(s) with more than one amp.

i.e.- A clean tone through a Fender, a solid state distortion, a tube combo, just as long as you tell us what amp you are using. Why? Becuase just about every guitar sounds good through my Mesa Boogie...I want to hear the guitar, not the amp, or effects, and if they are used, what amp or effects are they? I have asked friends who read your mag and they agree.



paul, what is the extent of modifications to the amps you use?

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