Pearl Jam's 'Vs.' and 'Vitalogy' to Receive Deluxe Reissue Treatment



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I concur with kingkab55. It doesn't seen fair the way artists repackage their catalog ten different times and act like its something new each time. The entire Beatles catalog recently got this treatment. Yoko also re-issued the intire John Lennon catalog and Paul jump on with his re-issue of Band on the Run. How many more times is the Hendrix family going to try and create "new" Hendrix albums. What is remastered anyway. Do they just rip it thru some new computer filter that makes it sound cleaner? Personlly I think the vintage sonic texture of the original recordings has a nastalgic effect in should not be scubbed away. Be it Mudhoney or Pink Floyd tge essence of the era is captured in the recording with the tools and techniques available at that time.



Eddie was such an influence on my singing. I could say he was the way I learned to sing. I have enjoyed the albums they have released together and with "Into The Wild" movie. It's great that there is more material to listen to from those early days when it was all new.
Although I have never really gotten much from a remastered song. Don't really see the point. But unreleased materiel is great. So why don't they just release a bunch of that and forgo the reiteration of the old?



yeah I get to buy an album again that I have allready owned like a bunch of different versions of. I love it when the big names in music take advantage of thier fans. Oh well, I guess even pjam needs beer money...

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